Friday, February 15, 2013

16/02 saturday bets and infos

Bundesliga 2
Union Berlin - Ingolstadt , Union Berlin -0,5ah @1.73 (188bet) or 1 @1.72 (188bet)
quality,motivation,home field and form on home side.
Union Berlin have high ambitions this season,they want to get promote,they must win matches like this if they want to promote..  They are good on home ground 6w-2d-3l ..for this match U.Berlin will miss Jopek(mf 13/3).
Ingolstadt is 11th with 29 points.. but they dont have ambitions for promote,also they cant relegate.
Ingolstadt today without 4 key players! Out are: best striker Caiuby(att 21/6 top scorer), Ikeng(mf 1/0), Korkmaz(att 15/0),best midifler Leitl(mf 19/5), Eigler(att 18/4) and Schäffler(att 17/4).
19 of total 25 goals which Ingolstadt have scored this season were scored by Schaffler,Eigler,Leitl and Caiuby.

line ups

without all this players i think that Ingolstadt dont have chances,but like yesterday 1860 Munchen - Bochum everything is possible (Munchen control the match whole time,Bochum with player less almost whole match, ball possesion 70% - 30% ,shoots on goal 17-5 ,referee on away side) and bet lost...

England League Two
Southend - Northampton DNB2 @2.20 (unibet)

two teams with almost same quality teams,imo Northampton is little better team ,because they have few really good players like Langmeed(mf 27/5),Hacket(mf 29/5),Akinfewa(att 27/15) .. also here is experienced Platt(att 26/4) and Nicholls but he is long term injured...

Southend have also good team wtih few really quality players like Creswell,Tomlin,Assombalanga ... etc.
but they have problems with absences for this match.
unavailable are: Barker(df 28/0),Timlin(df 25/0),Philips(df 19/2),Cresswell(df 30/6 ,3rd scorer),Laird(mf 4/0),Laverty(att 3/0) and best player Tomlin(att 25/12 top scorer). key midifler Kevin Hurst(mf 30/4 ,4th scorer) is doubtful for this match,he has virus.
5 first team players out,southend will be weakned in defence,also in attack without tomlin they are very weak.

Brazil Paulista
Sao Paulo - Ituano , Sao Paulo -1,25ah @1.9 (188bet ; 12bet)
Sao Paulo usually use reserves in league matches because of Copa Libertadores,but today Sao Paulo will use strong team with all key players IN! only Miranda(df 4/0 injured) and Canete(mf 5/1 suspended) are unavailable,but they have enough good and quality players.
Sao Paulo line up: Rogerio Ceni ; Farias , Lucio , Rhodolfo , Cores ; Denilson , Wellington (or Ganso) , Jadson ; Douglas , Osvaldo y Luis Fabiano.
if players give their best in this match we can see big home win something like 3-0 or 4-0 ,but i dont know are they motivated for this match..
Ituano is average team,won 9 points in 7 matches (but they play vs weak opponents and that is the reason why they get "so much" points). for this match without Alison(df 3/0),while Marcao(att 5/1) is doubtful.
expect easy home win

Finalnd Liiga Cup
Jaro - KuPS 2 @1.95 (expekt)
KuPS make very good job in preparations,in this group of finland cup they play pretty good 1w-1d-0l ...
Jaro play one match in cup (draw).. they have lot of problems with injuries,best striker Wargh(att 13/3 ,long term injured), Jonke(att 21/7 top scorer), Sara(df 24/0), Brunell(df 10/1), Skrabb(mf 28/0), Palohuhta(att 7/1) and Kujala . before start of season Agyeman(mf 20/0) and Grove(mf 14/0) left team!
small stakes. GL

Handball Romania
Cluj - CSM Bucuresti 

i expect again wrong odds but now bookies were clever.
CSM have huge financial problems,just 6 senior players in team,all key players left team i wrote about that in their previous match ----
CSM Buchurest left: 
Irmus(first gk),Buscean(11 goals),Vogel(22 goals),Rosca(37 goals),key player Vasquez(39 goals),important Moya(39 goals),best player Vujadinovic(50 goals) and two other players Jorge and Adrian.

Cluj is worst team in league but on home ground they have 2 wins and i think that they have good chances vs now weakned and young CSM Bucuresti's team
Cluj -3,5ah @2.00 (bwin)

Romania Basketball
Timba Timisoara - U Mobitelco

Timba Timisoara +14,5ah @1.85 (bwin)
quality is on home side,Mobitelco Cluj have some good foreign players like americans Wright and Barnette but they have problems with injuries for this match.

3 players from "starting five" are unavailable ,Hristo Nikolov(14,7ppg),americans Derek Wright(16,5 ppg top scorer) and Sean Barnette(11,6ppg), Vedran Nakic(5,8ppg) who is playing in rotation is also unavailable.

imo this hendikep line is too big .. Timba Timisoara is on home ground they will have home field advantage + support from their fans,U Mobitelco without 4 important players ... medium stakes.

Piracicaba - Guarani
i wrote many times about Guarani's problems. They have financial problems,all key players left team. Fans are very dissapointed ...  --,Linense___Guarani,46515.html  here u can read about that. For this match Guarani have little problems with absences,injured are Dener(mf 5/1),Monteiro(mf 1/0) and key midifler Fumagali(mf 3/1),Pagnussat(df 4/1) is suspended.
Piracicaba is good on home ground,still without lost 1w-2d-0l.

Italy Serie A
Roma - Juventus
derby match
Roma without Dodo(df 6/0),castan(df 19/1) and Destro(att 16/4).
Juve without Chiellini(df 13/0),De Ceglie(df 12/0),Peluso(df 2/0),Marchisio(mf 19/4),Pepe(att 1/0) and Bendtner(att 8/0).

Chievo - Palermo

Chievo without Drame(df 12/0),Sardo(df 17/0),Stoian(mf 11/2),Rgioni(mf 17/2) and Bentivoglio. Guana(mf 16/0) is doubtful.
Palermo without ManotvianI(df 5/0) and Hernandez(att 7/0).

Spain Primera
Malaga - Ath.Bilbao

Eliseu(df 19/1),Gamez(df 18/0),Sanchez(df 11/0),Fernandez(mf 10/0) and Duda(mf 8/0) are doubtful for Malaga.
Bilbao without Ekiza(df 13/0),Perez(mf 5/0),key player Muniain(mf 20/0) and Gallareta(att 3/0).

Granada - Barcelona

Granada without Rico(mf 0/0) and Benitez(mf 9/1).
Barca without Muniesa(df 1/0),Santos(mf 1/0),abidal(df 0/0),Xavi(mf 22/5) and Villa(att 15/6).

Osasuna - Zaragoza

Osasuna without Riesgo(gk 0/0),Timor(mf 13/1) and Sisi(mf 11/0).
Zaragoza without injured Loovens(df 10/0),Obradovic(df 1/0),Zuculin(mf 16/1) and amalo(att 7/0). suspended are Hernendez(df 1/0),Goncalves(df 17/0) and best striker Helder Postiga(att 23/9 top scorer)

Turkey SuperLig
Besiktas - Gaziantespor

Besiktas without Koybasi(df 0/0),Toraman(df 20/3 suspended),Ozyakup(mf 17/2),Boral(mf 18/1),Pektemek(att 2/0),Dentinho(att 2/0) and Hugo Almeida(att 17/9)
Gaziantespor without Gule(mf 10/1),Ozyakbaktar(mf 11/1) and Demir(att 10/1).

Antalyspor - Karabukspor
Antalyspor without Sismanoglu(att 13/5). doubtful are Gungor(df 12/0) and Tita(Att 17/3).
Karabukspor without Ucar(df 3/0),Soyler(mf 12/0),Ozcek(mf 17/5),Incedemir(mf 17/0),Unal(att 1/0) and Soylemezgiler(mf 9/0).

Gencelbirligi - Mersin

home team without Azofeifa(mf 16/3),doubtful are Tomic(mf 0/0) and Meric(mf 21/3).
Mersin without Baris(df 7/1),Gosso(mf 0/0),Yattra(mf 4/0) and best player/captain Nobre(att 19/9 top scorer). Boum(df 11/0) and Keceli(df 16/0) are doubtful.

Greece Super League
Kerkyra - Panionios

i wrote about Panionios problems with absences in last round (when they lost on home ground).. problems continues , for this match Panionios without Peristeridis(first gk 15/0),Lapropoulos(df 9/2),Koulocheris(df 8/0),Andralas(df 12/0),Kouros(mf 16/0),best striker Aravidis(att 17/6 top scorer) and key player Kampantais(att 16/2).
Kerkyra have new coach (his 2nd match on this position),no missings.

Germany Bundesliga
Dortmund - Frankfurt

Dormund miss suspended Lewandowski(att 20/14 top scorer).
no missings in away team.

England Championship
Hull - Charlton

Hull without Dudgeon(df 9/0),Faye(df 23/4),Fryatt(att 0/0 long term injured) and Aluko(mf 23/8 top scorer).
Charlton without Hollands(mf 13/0) and Hughes(mf 0/0)

Derby - Wolves

Derby without Naylor(df 0/0),Barker(df 0/0),Brien(df 10/0) and Roberts(df 25/0). Duxton(df 18/2) is doubtful.
Wolves without Hennesey(first gk,long term injureD),Johnsson(df 29/2),Elkobi(df 1/0),Mouyokolo(df 0/0) and Boukari(mf 4/0).

Crystal Palace - Middlesbrough

Crystal Palace without McCarthy(df 0/0),Garvan(mf 24/4) and Nimely(att 2/0). Moritz(mf 21/5) and Ward(df 19/0) are doubtful
Middlesbrough without Hoyte(df 17/1),Arca(mf 1/0) and Main(att 4/2). Bieky(df 22/1),Hines(df 19/1),Woodgate(df 18/1) and McDonald(att 19/10 top scorer) are doubtful for this match.

England League One
Sheffield Utd - Colchester Utd

both teams without first goalkeepers,but both are long term injured
Sheffield without Howard(first gk 11/0),Lecsinel(df 0/0) and Miller(att 15/4)
Colchester without Cousins(first gk 16/0) and Izzet(mf 0/0).

Tranmere - Shewsbury

Tranmere without Wallace(mf 19/2) and Akrpo(att 15/7,3rd scorer). Robinson(mf 25/10 ,2nd scorer) and McGurk(mf 24/3) are doubtful.
Shewsbury without Grandison(df 24/1) and Wright(mf 17/1). top scorers Morgan(att 26/7) and Taylor(mf 29/7) are doubtful.

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