Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Czech Tipsort Liga
Znojmo - Brno

znojmo line up; Hrubý(gk 14/0) - Hříbek(4/0), Hnaníček(df 15/1), Jurić, Uchenna(0/0) - Stáňa(0/0), Zeba(7/0) - Reljić(8/1), Faouzi, Andrezly - Kirschner(0/0)
--- important players like Yonov(df 10/0),Buchta(df 12/0),Nepozitek(mf 14/1),Lacko(mf 14/0),Mudra(mf 16/0),Oklestek(mf15/4),Helisek(mf 16/1),Vasicek(att 13/3) are not in starting line up!
Brno with young team! line up; Veselý(fourth gk 0/0) - Drbal, Husár(df 10/0), Fojtík, Kugler, Stehlík(0/0), Černý, Drahoš, Krejčíř, Fall(0/0), Duda
Brno cant be so big favourite in this match with this squad!

Basketball Women
Imos Brno - Sopron
pick: Sopron ml
odds: 2.04 (pinnacle) ; 2.00 (188bet);1

Imos Brno miss 4 important players -- Hanusova(SF 14,3ppg) and Jalcova(PG 10,4ppg) are injured ,Mainclova(C 2,5ppg) and Hamilton(PF 5,3ppg) have flu. Brno will have only 9 players in roster!!!

first match
Sopron 73-68 Brno
in that match Hanusova 27pts , Hamilton 6pts , Jalcova 9pts  - all of them are out today.


  1. Sopron has injuries problems, six important player in hospital because of virus.

  2. Youngsters of Brno will play different match than that you mentioned. Brno in good squad for that match. Beware!

    1. Uff. Tough match until the last minutes, but lucky Che. Some pocket money for me as well. :-)

  3. i translate it on so i understand it wrong.. i didnt have time to ask someone from czech :/

  4. i come from czech republic, Hanusova and Jalcova will be play, but they arent hundred percent healthy, Brno had in squad for today match 9 players

  5. They play like a fucking pitches! It's terrible.

  6. An expert tipster as you defined yourself can't give a wrong pick beacause of the bad translation!!! You must be more careful, I have lost a lot of money!!! I think that I will delete your site from my favourites ones.

  7. In the link which i gave you was writing that they wont play ...

  8. you have got wrong translate, in the link says they will play... czech language is very hard

  9. cant handle pressure che deleting all comments of proof of cheating, lies and sharing?