Monday, January 20, 2014

I am really sorry guys, terrible results this month.. I will stay away from betting for few days because I am very nervous and I cant believe in this results anymore ...

I hope you will understand me, I will give you usefull infos this days but no picks because I am very bad this month. I hope my loyal followers will stay with me.

Good luck with betting , che


  1. as long as you dont ask money people will stay maybe and share else they leave to bad picks for sure our funny picks who already ended ht our only available on bet365.

    think you can better stop for sure many customers left to better tipsters.

  2. Take a break Che. All punters need breaks once in a while, and the good ones return stronger. You have shown your worth, so I expect you will return strong after a break.

  3. Бывает дружище)
    Отдохни,наберись сил.и все получится!)
    Удачи бро

  4. Yes, take a brake if you need some, but not for bad results. Almost all your tips were correct and valuable, and the informations were correct as I checked. The results are just a pity (or something behind the sport). Nobody has a crystal sphere, but I am looking forward your next tips. GL (and nice holiday on Bahamas :-)

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