Tuesday, February 4, 2014

05/02 wednesday infos

Honka - HJK

Honka this season with younger and weaker team!
Aalto(df 25/1),Meite(df 26/0),Yaghoubi(mf 24/3),Palazuelos(mf 30/3),Vayrinen(att 24/17 top scorer),Kastrati(att 25/7 ,2nd scorer),Koskinen(df 20/0) and Peltonen(gk 7/0) left club!
Rexhepi(df 8/0) and Rahimi(att 19/1) are injured
problems in attack becuase the only real striker is Rahimi but he is injured

Heikkinen(mf , ex Rapid Vien),Christian Tviet and few others are new signings for HJK.
the most important thing is that all key players from last season stay in squad!
odds for away win dropped so i dont see value anymore + Bostrom(HJK coach) said that some youngsters will get chance.

Ergotelis - Veria

Ergotelis without Bambam(att 5/2),Anastaskos(att 18/4),Kiliaras(mf 4/00),Mejia(df 17/0) and Rentzas(mf 8/0).
Veria without Guille(mf 1/0) and Apostopoulos(df 12/0)

Atromitos - Kalloni
Atromitos without Dimoutsos(mf 20/1) and Napoleoni(att 15/6).
Kalloni without Anastasiadis(df 20/1),Siligardakis(mf 11/0),Kripintiris(mf 2/0) and Agritis(att 2/0)

Levadiakos - Apollon
Levadiakos without Macheres(df 5/0),Martinez(mf 13/0) and Vasiliou(att 11/0).
Apollon without Souza(df 1/0),Delizis(Df 21/1),Argyropoulos(df 16/1) and Diamantis(mf 7/0)

Asteras - Panathinaikos
Asteras without Hernandez(gk 18/0)Bartolini(df),Navarro(att 15/1).
PAO without Mouzakitis(att 2/0),Pranjic(mf 15/3) and Risvanis(mf 12/0)

Panthrakikos - Platanias
Panthrakikos have problems with goalkeeper's position, 3 first goalkeepers are OUT , now on goal will be youngster  ... Panthrakikos without Seremet(first gk 18/0),Koutsopoulos(second gk 4/0),Paschalakis(third gk 1/0) and Cases(mf 19/6 ,2nd scorer).
Platanias without Cerra(df 2/0),Zaouboulakis(df 10/0),Tetteh(mf 20/2) and Nazlidis(mf 7/4)

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