Friday, February 21, 2014

friday infos

Eerste Divisie
Den Bosch - Almere

den bosch without last season best striker Weer,Vicente(df 8/0),Vogel(mf 7/0),de Bock(df 11/1),Mols(att 15/5) and Ruiter(First gk 23/0).
Almere without Nieuwpoort(df 21/2) and JansseN(att 26/7)

Volendam - MVV
Volendam without Koning(df 27/1) and Coster(att 25/1) both suspended
MVV is full

VVV Venlo - Excelsior
Venlo without Cooper(att 13/1),Otsu(att 20/4,Hendriks(att 1/0),Altheer(mf 19/0) and priomes(df 13/0). Excelsior miss Blij(mf 23/1)

Germany 2 Bundesliga
Union Berlin - FSV Frankfurt

Union is full.
FSV without Heubach(df 0/0),OumarI9df 17/0),Kandziora(df 11/0),Konrad(mf 18/0),Djengoue(mf 9/0),YeleN(mf 10/3) and Pagenburg(att 4/0)

Arminia - Ingolstadt , ingolstadt +0ah @1.93 (pinnacle)
stake: 3/10
Arminia without long term injured Riemer(df 0/0),Petersch(mf 2/0),Fieser(mf 3/0) and Heitholter(mf 0/0). 4 important players are suspended Schonfeld(mf 21/3),key midifler Riese(mf 19/3),Lorenz(mf 16/3) and best striker Klos(att 17/5)...
Ingolstadt without Buchner(att 10/0) + 3 suspended players Caiuby(att 20/3),Hartmann(att 13/5) and Eigler(att 19/2) - only Caiuby is regular.

Arminia will be weakned a lot in midfield , they have only 2 good midiflers available , like i said before 3 regular midiflers are missing + their replacements are long term injured, in this case Ingolstadt's brazilian Roger , together with Hajnal , Gross and captain Gross should control midfield today and create chances.

Ingolstadt is playing good on away ground 4w-4d-3l , they play very hard matches!

France Ligue 2
Troyes - Nancy

Troyes without Azamoum(mf 2/0),Psaume(att 7/2),Marcos(Att 16/2),Diyae(df 15/0) and Xavier(mf 9/0). Nancy without Cuvillier(mf 24/3) and Muratori(df 22/0)

Tours - Dijon
Tours without Schwechlan(df 19/1),Mengual(mf 1/0),Gherini(att 4/0),Diaz(att 14/1) and Kouakou(att 23/10 top scorer).
Dijon without Baradji(mf 9/1),Amalfitano(mf 16/0) and Remy(df 13/1)

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