Friday, February 7, 2014

friday infos

Gaziantepspor - Besiktas

Gaziantepspor without Bruma.
Besiktas without Sivok(df 13/2),Escude(df 10/2),Gulum(df 14/0),Jones(mf 0/0 new signing) and Uysal(mf 13/0). Zengin(first gk 18/0) probably wont play also.
they often play 2/1 so this is classic no bet for me, gaziantep maybe will let this win to besiktas because they are fighting for top places. NO BET.

Kasimpasa - Konyaspor
Kasimpasa miss Sam(df 6/0).DonK(df 16/3) is doubtfull.
Konyaspor full

Portugal 2
Moreirense - Benfica B

dont forget benfica cant promote!
Moreirense without Madeira(df 12/0).
Benfica B without Gaspar(df 13/0) and Lolo(mf 21/7)

Holland 2
Emmen - Dordrecht
Emmen without Almburaki(att 15/1),Almeida(att 25/1) and Kampman(df 0/0).
Dodrecht without Steenvoorden(mf 3/0) and Meulens(att 18/6)

Eindhoven - Almere
Eindhoven without Muytens(first kg 16/0),Nieveld(df 25/3),Driest(mf 5/0),Gunst(df 13/0),Hurk(att 18/4). Almere miss Nieuwpoort(df 23/1)

Oss - De Graasfchap
Oss without Meiracker(att 4/2),Sande(mf 23/1),Jansen(df 18/0) and Ariends(first gk 21/0).
De Graafschap without Bakens(df 14/2),Massop(df 17/0),Linssen(mf 20/00),Meijer(mf 8/2)

France 2
Laval - Dijon

Laval without Vanhamel(first gk 20/0) and Bekamenga(att 22/11 top scorer).
Dijon without Mulumba(mf 14/0),Baradji(mf 9/1) and gastien(mf 17/4).

Auxerre - Istres
Auxerre without SoriN(first gk 15/0),Segbefia(mf 13/2),Gavory(mf 7/0),Ntep(mf 17/7),Haddad(mf 0/0),Ebanega(df),Ndong(df 6/0) and Marester(df 19/0).
Istres without Malfery(att 10/6)

Le Havre - Nimes

LE Havre without Marchand(df 18/1),Saiss(mf 17/1),Fontaine(mf 10/0),Sao(att 12/1) and Riveire(att 13/3). Nimes without Gallon(gk 0/0),Amewou(mf 4/0),Parpeix(mf 11/0),Ripart(att 6/0),Boche(df 17/1),Ogunbiyi(mf 15/1) and Benyahia(df 3/0)

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