Friday, May 31, 2013

1st JUNE

Poland Division 1
Termalica BB - Ol.Grudziadz DNB2 @7.00 (bet365) - 2/10

X2 @3.00 (bet365) - 2/10  

info by polish expert; Nieciecza is a village with 726 people living there (info from Wikipedia 2007 Check it with Google Maps my friend.
You must be crazy to build stadium there for 726 people.
Players dont want to promote because they know that some of them wont play in Ekstraklasa, they arent good enough for it. There is winning match bonus, how many games they will win in Ekstraklasa?
Its good for them to stay in I liga and play some good football but thats it. Boss is rich but not stupid and cant build stadium in 2 months. Maybe someday Termalica will play in Ekstraklasa but not next season. Zawisza and Cracovia will promote imo. Termalica can rent stadium and play in Krakow or Tarnow (imo Tarnow stadium is big crap at the moment) but how many fans will travel every 2 weeks 200km (two ways) to Krakow or 50km to Tarnow.
Last season Termalica last 5 matches were 4 lost and 1 draw. They dont want promotion and everyone know about it. 


also i have to write something about some people who start with sending me mails about my work in last few weeks..

I am running this blog almost 2 years and in those 2 years i receive all kind of messages (good and bad)

I have around 35-45 subscribers in VIP section where we have good profit and positive yield (around 25%) I can close my blog tomorrow and continue to work with my subscribers but that's not the point , every morning I am searching infos from official sites,forums,paid services to share with you but some peoples simply dont respect that. I already prove myself like a tipser on many (balkan) blogs , sites , tipser competitions and so on .. I know that in last 2 months I am giving bad picks in FREE section but that is because I focused more on VIP section. I already made a plan for summer,in July I will stop with VIP picks for 1 month and give all picks free on site! (maybe I will do that even now in June if subscribers agree with that but they already made payments for new month so i dont know [i will ask them])

ANSWER: subscribers dissagree with the idea,anyway i will continue to share usefull infos and some picks on blog

if you have any advices and suggestion you can share that with me in comment or mail


  1. I would just like to say that I very much appreciate all the hard work you put in gathering information to put in this blog. Everyone goes through bad runs from time to time. That's football. If every game went as planned, we'd all be rich! But that doesn't happen! The info especially that you put on here each day has helped me find bigger value winning bets than I have ever found before so thank you! Don't worry about the people that expect you to win every single bet, I'm sure lots appreciate the good work you do. I know I do. Keep up the good work!

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  3. Če Gevara opusti se i samo tako nastavi. Pozdrav iz Srbije ;-)

  4. che,you cant be loved by everyone,thats human nature. But the truth is that you are the best tipster i have ever followed. Those who say you are bad dont know know what they are saying. They dont consider the time you put into researching those tips. Every tip cant win, and thats football. I personally had stopped betting but had to resume when i found your blog,and i am not regreting. Instead,i highly appreciate you,mr. Che. If every tip was einning there would be no betting because the bookies would be bankrupt! So people,please respect mr Che for the work he is doing for us. Thanks.

  5. Ignored it and u already done a good job! Keep it up bro