Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Radnicki 1923 - Vojvodina 
huge quality difference on away side..
odds are totaly unrealistic -- radnicki:1.68 - draw:3.52 - vojvodina:4.27 (average) ... but that is something normal in serbia.
Radnicki is from Kragujevac,such a big city cant be without football club in league ... many peoples are talking that Radnicki wont relegate! before few weeks they bring fat Bekvalac for coach.
Bekvalac is ex Vojvodina's player
 also he is ex Vojvodina's coach
Radnicki have 4th best fans in Serbia. Radnicki's fans are in good relationships with Vojvodina's fans!
Vojvodina go with reserves in this match!!!

i guess that they are in good relationships my pick is home win @1.75 -- stake 4/10 but no value.
FT 2-0 won

Radnicki Nis - Javor 1 @1.9 (bet365) - 3/10  FT 2-0 won
Radnicki have to win to secure their status in Jelen Super Liga. they are full.
Javor is sure,they avoid relegation. today without Osojic(df 24/0),Milovic(df 25/0) and Onjila(att 24/7 top scorer) .. 3 key players, expect home win.

Botev Vratsa - Montana 
derby match
i dont have any insider info but i think that there will be something strange on this match.
Distance between Vratsa and Montana is just 35km. Clubs are close each other,play frendly matches,even sometime Botev Vratsa gave bonus to Montana to play good vs teams who are fighting to avoid relegation (like Loko Sf , Cherno More ...)

before start of season Montana get 2 players from Botev (gk Tsvetkovski and defender Kovachev).

situation in lower part of table
10.Cherno More28871330:3831
11.Gotse Delchev28941525:5331
12.Botev Vratsa28761519:4927
13.Lok. Sofia285101323:3625
14.Minyor Pernik28551820:4620

two rounds till end of season Montana already relegated,no motivation,no money,bad form (in last 20 matches 1w-3d-16l )
Montana have problems on goalkeepers position, Veselin Tsvetkovski(first gk 12/0) is unavailable,while Minou(second gk 5/0) left team. Todorov(df 23/4) is also injured

Botev need just a win to avoid relegation. Big clubs CSKA and Levski love Botev Vr. because Botev always let them to win without problems.
home win. ft 3-1

Servette - Sion

i already wrote about scandal in Sion ... http://www.aargauerzeitung.ch/sport/fussball/constantin-macht-reinen-tisch-126554163  --- http://cheguevarapicks.blogspot.com/2013/05/thursday.html
Dingsdag(df 29/1), Bühler(df 31/3), Sauthier(mf 14/0), Yoda(mf 5/1), Regazzoni(mf 8/0), Mrdja(att 5/0) und Adao(mf 12/0) are kicked out + now Lafferty(att 25/5) und Crettenand(mf 28/2) are kick out from squad.

Gatusso wont play, key player Margairaz(mf 18/5) have conflict with coach so probably he also wont play.
Servette must win if they want to avoid relegation.

Poland Division 1
Swinoujscie - Sandecja Nowy S. x2 @2.15 (bet365) or 2 @5.25 (bet365)  - stake 5/10

Swinoujscie dont want promotion! They dont have stadium and money for promotion,that is the reason for poor results in 2nd half of season.
Sandecja is playing for nothing without some motivation but i think that they can win point or points here


  1. Flota has a good results last time, president of Swninoujscie told that he has a money to repair old stadium. Flota bought few good player, i dont think so that they wont promotion. Last week Flota - Cracovia 1-1. Flota might gave a 3 points Cracov but thet dont do it.

  2. About Sion - Regazzoni, Yoda and Bühler are back in team, Bühler should play in first "11" instead of suspended Vanczak.

  3. About Sandecja - absences: Kowalski (DF, 12/0), Mroziński (M, 19/0), Kosiorowski (M, 16/0), Nowak (M, 10/0), Świątek (S, 12/1), Ruben Sanchez (S, 7/0).