Wednesday, May 15, 2013


just short previews

Napredok - Turnovo

Napredok have back 3 first team players in team. They dont have real motivation,they avoid relegation and they gave points to teams who needs.
Turnovo have to win this match if they want to stay in fight for 1st position but simply Vardar have too many connections in whole league so Vardar is champion ;)

Sileks - Drita

this match is very suspecious,if you want to win Drita you just need to give them money.
Sileks is bad team but they have money,all people in macedonia who follow football hate this team because they bought lot of matches ...
Drita is very suspecious team,ethnical albanian team last season promoted ..
my pick here is over 3,5 goals but odds drop a lot from 3.2 to 2.35 ...

Metalurg Skopje - Rabotnicki

Metalurg want to go on 1st place but that is impossible .. they try to buy last match with Shkendija but Shkendija refuse that (i dont understand why when club dont have money and players are without wages,but it is simply Shkendija will play for Vardar who let them to go in cup final :P )

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