Tuesday, May 21, 2013


Dacia - Zimbru 1 @1.4 ft 0-0
great relationships between this two clubs.
they are from same city (Chisinau),they use same stadium (Stadionul Zimbru) , offices on presidents are in same building,they know each other very good,players are good friends etc.

they make money together when both teams need on dirty way
http://int.soccerway.com/matches/2012/07/22/moldova/divizia-naional/fc-dacia-chisinau/fc-zimbru-chisinau/1314542/ many people in moldavia knew about this match before start of match ...

i think that Dacia will win this match to secure 2nd position.. next season Dacia will give points back to Zimbru.
2/1 is also possible because financial situation is bad in both clubs.

Sheriff Tiraspol - Costuleni
S.Tiraspol already won title,they can be relaxed now. In 2nd half of season Sheriff dont look good,they dont play on same level like in 1st half of season... in this match coach declared that he will use only reserves and youngsters so i see good chance for Costuleni here.
i was waiting for asian hendikeps but nothing from that so X2 @5.00 for small stakes
FT 2-1 lost ,i am fu**ing nervous because i didnt wait for asian hendikeps :@ p.s Sheriff score in 92min


  1. Replies
    1. Your nickname is betting tips and you dont know what is 2/1 means huh ? Lol

  2. Lol i'm from france and some bet haven't the same signification so I ask for.
    Can you help me so ?

  3. Familly u mean home team to win by 2golas within 45 minutes,away to score 1goal in second half pls respond brothers of peace

    1. it is easy friend.. 2/1 is like 0-1 on half time and 2-1 final result.. or 1-2 on half time and 4-2 final result.. it is easy..

  4. turkey Basketball Galatasaray -10 handicapped win is very goooooood!!

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