Monday, May 6, 2013


Sigma Olomouc - Teplice

Sigma without Skerle(df 17/1) and Klesnil(att 9/1)
Teplice is full.

England Premier
Sunderland - Stoke

becarefull here,i see that many tipser are going with Sunderland but they miss some important players .. no bet for me
Sunderland without Brown(df 0/0),Cattermole(mf 10/0),Sessegnon(mf 35/7),Wickham(att 10/0) and Fletcher(att 28/11).
Stoke miss only Wilson(df 16/0)

Sweden Allsvenskan
Gefle - Kalmar

Gefle without Asp(df 6/0),Lundin(df 0/0),Bernhardsson(mf 0/0),Lantto(mf 4/0) and Svantesson(att 0/0).
Kalmar without Azinovic(gk 0/0),Johansson(gk 0/0),Skjelvik(df 1/0),Nouri(df 6/0),Ohman(df 4/0),Israelson(mf 0/0),Eriksson(mf 0/0),Mendes(att 5/0).

AIK - IFK Goteborg

AIK's gk Turina was found dead in his apartmant so this will be very hard and emotional match for AIK.
AIK without Backman(df 0/0),Moro(mf 5/0) and Quaison(mf 4/0). Lorentzon(df 4/0) si questionable.
Goteborg without Augustinsson(df 0/0),Zackrisson(mf 0/0),Allansson(mf 2/0) and Farnerud(mf 0/0)

Hacken - Brommapojkarna

Hacken without Sandberg(df 0/0). doubtful are Arkivuo(df 3/0) and Ericsson(mf 4/1).
Brommapojkarna without Blazevic(gk 0/0),Jonsson(df 2/0),Segerstrom(df 3/1) and Ozkan(mf 0/0)

Odense - Midtylland

Odense without Toppel(gk 12/0),Hoegh(df 25/0),Jensen(mf 19/2) and Skoubo(att 23/4).
Midtjylland without Ispa(df 14/1) and Uzochukwu(mf 25/0)

Hartberg - Horn

Hartberg is full.
Horn without Petermann(gk 1/0),Stangl(df 14/0) and Dilic(att 20/0)

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