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yesterday i have first hand info that Levski will win but i cant write that so i decide to write you analyse .. of course match won ft 1-3 .. thanks to my bulgarian source who agree to share this info with all fans.
about Polonia's match ... very very suspecious , 0-1 in 46 min than Podbeskidze miss empty goal, than classic job between old friends 1-1 and ft 2-1 (after huge defencive mistake) - 2/1

Spain Segunda
Murcia - Sabadell 1 @1.71 (betsson)

probably fixed for home win,odds dropping fast for home win..
Sabadell sure in middle of table,playing for nothing. they will miss; Olmo(df 0/0),Espasandin(df 16/1),Tono(df 1/0).Goni(df 10/0),Fito(mf 14/0),Yaahoubi(mf 33/6),Baha(att 5/0) and Davila(att 32/4).
Murcia is big club they cant relegate imo,they have money and ambitions to stay in league.. odds are dropping really fast,in bet365 match is blocked. Huge money placed on home win..

Germany 3 Liga
Unterhaching - Munster 2 @1.7 (myBet)

quality on away side,Munster need win today if they want to promote in higher division! Unterhaching in middle of table and playing for nothing.
Unterhaching without Riederer(first gk 22/0) , Niebauer(df 0/0) , Sternisko(mf 0/0), Thee(att 32/6 top scorer) and key midifler Yilmaz(mf 34/3) .. Rohracker(att 33/5) and Odak(df 26/0) will be on bench.
Munster without Schreder(df 3/0) and SChoneberg(df 30/0)

Babelsberg - Burghausen 1 @1.83 (dafabet)

hosts fighting to stay in league,burghausen without motivation and without Schröck(df 15/1), H. Schwarz(mf 16/3), Kulabas(att 25/2), Senesie(att 30/4)
Babelsebrg is very strong at home 7w-7d-4l .. Burghausen weak on away ground with only 13 pts won(of total 45).

Macedonia 2
Tikves - Novaci 2 if you find somewhere.

tikves in really bad financial situation,they play with juniors and that is the reason for poor results
Novaci's have strong boss.

Ceahlaul - Vaslui
full preview here.
cealhul need points,vaslui sure in middle of table - boss want to leave club

Astra - Rapid Buchurest 1 @1.85 (wiliamhil)   - 12/05!
Astra is figt for EUROPE and I think that they need one more WIN to securize the place.
Astra will be full .
Rapid withour many players(young players all)

* Pancu (captain of the team 3th goal scorer) - injured he don't play last round again Chiajna

* M.Roman (best md 25/1 ) -he announced that will leave the club at the end of the season // he is suspended for this game
Ionita (top scorer ann
ounce that will leave the team too)


Astra have ambitions , quality and motivation
Great Odds 1.95 HERE
I expect to drop quick.

by buse vlad 
also i have to add that Rapid have financial problems and players are without wages.

CSKA - Cherno More
CSKA squad;
 1. Анатоли Господинов, 12. Томас Черни, 6. Пламен Крачунов, 7. Спас Делев, 8. Лукас Саша, 9. Марсиньо, 10. Сержиньо, 11. Иван Бандаловски, 15. Станко Йовчев, 17. Анисе, 18. Ивайло Чочев, 19. Апостол Попов, 20. Богомил Христов, 21. Венцислав Василев, 22. Мартин Камбуров, 23. Мишел Платини, 26. Юлиян Илиянов, 30. Васил Попов, 45. Григор Долапчиев, 70. Игнасио Лорес
out are; Костадин Стоянов(df 6/0), Ангел Грънчов(df 11/0) и Нджонго Присо(mf 22/0)
Cherno More without Георги Китанов(first gk 24/0),Самуел Камазола(mf 16/0) и Георги Божилов(att 24/4)

Portugal Primera
Braga - Nacional

Braga without Sasso(df 5/0),Mahamat(mf 6/0),Ruben(mf 18/4) and Eder(att 18/13).
Nacional miss Costa(df 16/2) and Skolnik(mf 3/0).

Moreirense - Setubal

moreirense without castro(mf 2/0) and pessoa(df 23/2).
setubal without patterson(gk 3/0),turco(gk 5/0),lourenco(df 17/1),alves(mf 0/0),santos(mf 27/4) and makukula(att 10/2)

France National
Paris FC - Quevilly

3 rounds till end of season,quevilly already relegated
Paris FC : Sopalski, Demarconnay, H. Traoré, Veldeman, Badiane, Lamamy, A. Diawara, Ogier, B. Traoré, Ndiaye, Goaziou, Moizini, Balamandji, Toko-Ekambi, Murcy, Boudard.
Quevilly :
Dos Santos, Coulibaly, Giboyau, Diarra, Sanson, Mimoun, Bezzou, Diafutua, Lebourg, Etiemble, Mirza, Rakotoharisoa, Ouahbi, Fofana, Ouarguini, Adeyemi

CA Bastia - Luzenac

home team play for nothing,luzenac must win to avoid relegation
Westberg, Rollet, Mignotte, Kolczynski, MBongo, Akaza, Koura, Hergault, Danfa, Garcia, Dona Ndoh, Makalou, Soukouna, Diakota, Dieuze, Ech-Chergui

Chrbourg - Vannes

Cherbourg : Lugier, Mendy, Fofana, Vanoukia, Lavie, Ichane, Bleusez, Sow, Schneider, Jégu, Pinto Borges, Guyonnet, Diongue, Goba, Abraw, Binet.

Vannes : Bédénik, Le Rouzic - Kakou, Bonnet, Dielna, Lawson, Ponroy, Joseph-Augustin , Flégeau, Ridjali, Boé-Kane,, Robic, Youssouf, Mohamed, Gaffory, Diguiny.

Colmar - Epinal

epinal already relegated,colmar playing for nothing
Colmar ;
Fedrigo, Verger, Decker, Haaby, Varsovie, M'Tir, Grimm, Wagner, Ekwe Ebélé, Liabeuf, Louisy Daniel, Marques, Moukhlil, Brahmia, Benkaid, Gadacha.

Italy Serie B
(important info; if 3rd placed team have 10 points more than 4th placed than 3rd placed team promote direct in serie a)
Bari - Cesena
Bari without Ghezzal(att 17/2).
Cesena without Favalli(df 3/0),Dallamano(df 1/0),Rodriguez(df 12/4),Volta(df 16/0),Comotto(df 31/2),Brandao(df 23/0) and Ceccarelli(df 33/2),Defrel(att 29/3) and Graffiedi(att 20/3) are out.

Empoli - Cittadela

Empoli without Dossena(gk 12/0),Ferreira(df 4/0),Mori(df 2/0),Pratali(df 19/2),Laurini(df 33/0) and Camilucci(mf 10/0)
Cittadela without Branzani(mf 0/0) and Baselli(mf 36/0).

Reggina - Grosseto

Reggina without Lucioni(df 11/0),Freddi(df 15/0),Giannattasio(mf 0/0),Sarno(att 26/1) and Comi(att 35/11 top scorer).
Grosseto without Belardi(gk 0/0),Barba(df 19/0),Iorio(df 18/0),Mancino(mf 3/0),Delvecchio(mf 23/5),Quadrini(mf 11/0) and Mancini(mf 7/0)

p.s becarefull with Ascoli they miss best player Zaza(top scorer!)

Germany Bundesliga
Bayer Leverkusen - Hannover

2 rounds till end of season,both teams will play just for honour because Bayer secure 3rd place,while Hannover lost all chances for europe and cant relegate ...
Hannover have problems with absences, out are long term injured Radlinger(gk 0/0),Andreasen(mf 4/2),Franca(mf 0/0),Huszti(mf 21/9 ,2nd scorer) and Schulze(mf 0/0). new missings are; Djourou(df 13/0),Schulz(df 19/1),Stindl(mf 17/2),Konan(att 26/5 ,4th scorer) and Abdellaoue(att 26/8 ,3rd scorer).

Dusseldorf - Nurnberg

Dusseldorf without Latika(df 13/0),Balogun(df 17/0).
Nurnberg without Stephan(gk 0/0),Chandler(df 30/1),Nilsson(df 28/5),Ildiz(mf 5/0),Marcos(df 1/0),Hlousek(mf 0/0) and Gebhart(mf 18/2)

Bayern Munich - Augsburg

Bayern without Badstuber(df 12/0),Rafinha(df 13/0),Boateng(df 25/2) and Kroos(mf 24/6).
Augsburg without Backer(df 23/1) and Langkamp(df 11/0)

Schalke - Stuttgart

Schalke without Papadopoulos(df 10/1),Metzelder(df 4/0),Afellay(mf 10/2),Draxler(mf 29/9) and Obasi(att 4/0).
Stuttgart without Felipe(df 4/0),Rudiger(df 16/0),Sakai(df 26/0),Stoger(mf 0/0),Hajnal(mf 13/0),Didavi(mf 3/0),Bah(mf 1/0) and Cacau(att 4/1)

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