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25/05 Hungary
Gyori ETO - MTK Budapest DNB2 @1.98   ft 1-0 , unlucky MTK hit post 2 times
MTK is currently they are on 3rd place (european place) if they want to stay there they must win this match.
Gyori won title so now they can be relaxed.. for this match unavailable are: Stevanovic(first gk 27/0),Litak(df 26/0),Koltai(mf 20/8 ,2nd scorer),Dudas(mf 16/1),Farkas(att 1/0),Kalmarmf 1/0),Kronaveter(mf 19/5),Kvilitaia(att 2/0),Strestlik(mf 20/3),Kink(mf 10/1) and best player Varga(att 27/12 top scorer) - ALL THIS PLAYERS ARE NEW MISSINGS!!!!

MTK miss 4 players but all of them are long term injured.

Loko.Sofia - CSKA Sofia
Loko must win this match if they want to stay in league ...
CSKA with youngsters and reserves! LINK
only regular players in squad are; Томаш Черни(first gk 28/0), Пламен Крачунов(df 11/0), Венци Василев(df 9/1), Игнасио Лорес Варела, Спас Делев(att 12/5) и Мишел Платини(att 14/8).

26/05 Colombia 
Santa Fe - Cucuta DNB2 @2.62 ft 3-2 lost , santa fe scored in last minutes
s before 3 days Santa Fe play hard match in Cusco vs Real Garcilaso (in Copa Libertadores) ,for 3 days they will play rematch,so coach decide to give a chance to reserves!
Santa Fe: Juan Manuel Leyton(second gk 2/0); Jairo Suárez(df 2/0), Germán Centurión(df 5/0), Julián Quiñones(df 4/0) y Hugo Acosta(df 5/0); Didier Moreno(mf 2/0), Norbey Salazar(mf 2/0), Fernando Cárdenas(mf 3/0) y Emanuel Molina(mf 14/2); Julián Lalinde(att 3/0) y Martínez Borja(att 12/0).
DT: Wilson Gutiérrez.
key players Vargas(first gk 14/0),Meza(df 14/1),Valdes(df 11/1),Perez(mf 12/5 ,2nd scorer),Anchico(mf 28/1),Cuero(att 14/3) and Medina(att 12/11 top scorer) will be rested.

Cucuta must win if they want to go in Apertura Play Offs .. today with strongest possible line up!

25/05 Norway Division 2
Vidar - Vindbjart 2 @2.8 (tipico)  FT 0-5 pick won
virus in Vidar!! around 10-12 players from first squad have illnes. coach said that at the moment they have only 6-7 players available.
Vindbjart is good team with currently best attack in league (13g sored) and 2nd best defence (3g conceded).
odds dropping fast.

26/05 Javor - Radnicki 1923 2 @1.53
Radnicki is from Kragujevac,such a big city cant be without team in league, in last round Vojvodina gave them 3 points (i wrote about that) .. last round now Radnicki must win to stay in league. Their coach Bekvalac is very suspecious person.
Javor is sure,they avoid relegation and can be relaxed now. first match this season 1/2 with goal in 90min
i think that Javor will help Radnicki so i go with away win.

26/05 Vojvodina - Crvena Zvezda
1 @1.9 (bah) - 4/10
in higher part of table everything is clear, partizan is champion,zvezda 2nd,vojvodina 3rd.
Vojvodina want to win this match for their fans because they lost in Cup final and let Radnicki Kg win ,so this is match which they must win for their fans.
Crvena Zvezda in chaos,2 lost matches in a row.. coach Pinto declared that for this match he will use only youngsters and reserves.
on vacation are
: Bajkovic(first gk 27/0),Spajic(df 15/0),Petkovic(df 10/0),Mikic(df 21/3),Maksimovic(df 12/1),Mladenovic(df 25/0),Pantic(df 12/1),Mijailovic(mf 16/0), key midifler Miljas(mf 26/9 ,2nd scorer and best assistent),key midifler Milivojevic(mf 24/6 ,3rd scorer),Cadu(mf 13/2),Milunovic(att 26/6 ,3rd scorer),Lazovic(mf 23/4 ,2nd assistent),Dauda(att 10/4),Kasalica(att 23/4)
link 1:
link 2:

last 3 matches between them:
Head-to-head: Vojvodina - Crvena Zvezda
Super Liga 2012/2013
Crvena ZvezdaVojvodina0:31.473.646.3301.12.2012
Super Liga 2011/2012
VojvodinaCrvena Zvezda2:
Crvena ZvezdaVojvodina0:21.583.445.1910.12.2011
vojvodina have excellent chance to finish this season with win.

26/05 OFK Beograd - BSK Borca
bsk borca is club with big history,they are partizan's team. ofk beograd's boss is Terzic who is in good relationships with Partizan so i think that Partizan wont let one more his team to relegate (smederevo already relegate,they are also partizan's team ..)
bsk must win and wait for positive results in other matches. they used same stadium when bsk was without stadium

26/05 Romania
U.Cluj - Petrolul 2 @1.5 - 5/10
1/2 @ 23.00 - 2/10 !!
2/1 @ 41.00 - minimal stakes
over 4,5 goals @5.50 - 2/10;2

Petrolul boss is Florian Walter , ex U.Cluj boss. last season he left U Cluj and bought Petrolul ,all best players from U Cluj came with him in Petrolul.

U.Cluj dont have licences for Liga 1 so they will relegate automaticly.
Petrolul must win this match if they want to stay in title fight.

popcalin about this match: 
 there is big possibility to see a strange game there, but Petrolul must win this one. both clubs are owned by the same man: Florian Walter. It's naturally forbidden to have two clubs in the same league, but Walter was owner at U Cluj and after some argues with the local administration(he didn't received some services), he took the best players from U Cluj to Petrolul. He can't be touched because in papers, Petrolul is owned by Dan Capra and U Cluj is owned by Marginean, but both are just formally on those papers.

 also i have to add that last season Petrolul played 5 times ht/ft (2/1;1/2) ,while this season nothing.last season U.Cluj played 4 times ht/ft (1/2 & 2/1),this season 0.

in the past they already have one 2/1 match ht 1-2 ; ft 3-2

26/05 Astra - CFR Cluj
CFR won cup final before few days (vs Astra) , so now probably Astra will get points for Europe. NO BET for me.

26/05 Croatia
Zapresic - Belupo

should be home win but odds are miserable.
Zapresic's boss is friend with big boss Zdravko Mamic , i dont think that Mamic will let this team to relegate.

26/05 Poland Division 1
Kolejarz - Termalica B-B DNB1 @3.00 (bet365) - 5/10
Termalica dont want promotion!
info by dexter; Termalica dont want promotion. Its club from village with very small stadium and big sponsor. Promotion would mean changing the stadium, located a few km further and some players had to quit + no winning match bonus in Ekstraklasa. Last season Termalica last 5 matches were 4 lost and 1 draw. They dont want promotion and everyone know about it.


  1. first gk of RED STAR is Bajkovic*

  2. Bsk is not formed from OFK..BSK is club from part of Belgrade called Borca so BSK is Borcanski Fudbalski Klub...and Old BSK is Beogradski Fudbalski Klub and that club was renamed in communism in OFK ;)

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  4. Termalica want promote to Ekstraklasa, year ago was ago.