Thursday, May 9, 2013


Botev - Levski 2 @1.3

Only 4 rounds till end of season,Levski in must win situation if they want to stay in title race. It is good known that Levski is "referee team" their boss "know" all referees in league and often they have help from referees (maybe Levski's fans who are one of the best in BG wont agree with me but that is the truth.)

Botev Vratsa and Levski are in very good relationships,often Levski's youngsters go in Botev on loan,while best players from Botev go in Levski.

Bulgarians are talking that Botev's last match (Slavia - Levski click to see my info for that match) was fixed from Levski's side. I saw on few bulgarian forums and on some sites punters are writing that Levski gave money to Slavia to lost that match so in next round Botev to let Levski to win ...  (just read comments )
that can be just rumours but it is very possible scenario. also take a look at this link!-89644 huge money was placed on away win and correct score ...

anyway Levski is much better team than Botev,true Levski miss 3-4 first team players but they have enough good players to replace them.

expect away win and i strongly believe in that

Czech Gambrinus Liga
Dukla Praha - Brno
brno have problems in attack.
Dukla withuot Svatnovsky(att 12/1).
Brno without Avdic(df 0/0) and Glaser(mf 14/2)-injured ,attacking duo Skoda(att 15/3 ,2nd scorer) and Svancara(att 18/6 top scorer) are suspended.

Ceske Budejovice - Hradec Karlove
Ceske Budejovice without Krzek(gk 3/0),Mchojan(df 7/1).
Karlove miss Harba(mf 24/2) and Sisler(mf 23/6) both important midiflers- suspended

Rubin Kazan - Mordovia
Rubin without Eremenko(mf 3/0).
Mordovia without Abakumov(gk 12/0),Stepanets(df 18/0),Rogov(mf 14/1) and Perendija(df 5/1)

Spartak - Kryla Sovetov
Spartak without Rebrov(gk 4/0),Parshivlyk(df 0/0),Gatagov(Df 1/0),Pareja(df 12/2),Bocchetti(df 8/0),Kallstrom(mf 18/2),Romulo(mf 4/1),Waris(att 7/0),key wigner McGeady(mf 16/5 ,2nd scorer),best striker Emenike(att 16/5 ,2nd scorer) and Movsisyan(att 6/4 ,3rd scorer)
Kryla is full.

France Ligue 2

Guingamp - Lens 1 @1.65
Guingamp have to win if they want promotion,Lens in middle of table playing for nothing.
Guingamp without Vivian(df 5/0),Cerdan(df 15/1),Imbula(mf 32/2) and Charrier(mf 20/1).
Lens without Toure(df 18/0),best defender Yahia(df 29/4),Sow(mf 24/0),Ducasse(mf 12/0) and best striker Touzghar(att 24/11 top scorer)

Croatia 1 nhl
Istra - Rijeka DNB2 @1.83 (bet365) or Rijeka +0ah @1.88 (pinnacle)

Istra is sure in middle of table,they avoid relegation 99% (because many teams from 2 nhl dont have licencens probably only one team will relegate). Istra now can be relaxed

Rijeka is much better team than Istra,before start of season they get new italian sponsor who invest lot of money in club,they sign lot of quality players and their target now is europe. I heard that Rijeka is now also in good relationships with Mamic (big cro football boss), and Mamic promise them place for europe (it is very possible imo)

Istra miss Cagalj(df 20/0) and Pamic(mf 14/1).
Rijeka miss Caval(df 17/0),Brezovac(mf 28/2) and Cesarec(att 22/7 ,2nd scorer)

h2h is on Rijeka's side , in last 6 matches Rijeka have 2 wins ,rest of matches end with draw.

value bet.

Polonia W - Podbeskidze , podbeskidze +0ah @2.11 (pinnacle) or DNB2 @2.10 (paddypower)

before start of 2nd half of season i wrote about Polonia's problems

Edgar Cani(att 5/0),best defender Tamasz Brzyski(df 14/3),Cotra(df 12/0),Kokoszka(df 11/0),Baszczynski(df 12/0),Isisdoro(df 4/0),Baruchyan(df 1/0),Teodorczyk(att 13/6 ,2nd scorer) and Vladimer Dvalishvili(att 15/7 top scorer) LEFT POLONIA in winter break. Grzelczak(att 6/0),Kielb(mf 10/2),Tarnowski(mf 6/0),Piekarski(mf 1/0) and Pawlek(first gk 13/0) will also leave club at end of season
that is the reason why club is in bad form (in last 10 matches 1w-3d-6l) ,simply they are not strong like before anymore.
i have a talk with some people from polish and they told me that Polonia W probably wont get licence for Ekstraklasa next year,they have financial problems,boss want to sold club ... Players are still without salaries.

Polonia without; Injac(mf 7/0) and Glinski(mf 1/0) both are injured, Holota(mf 18/1) and Piatek(mf 25/3) are suspended.

Podbeskidze have 4 players who have already played for Polonia,that are Sokolowski,Koniezny,Pietrasiak and Telichowski ...
there are 4 FREE transfers between this two clubs.
there is one 2/1 match between them click to see ,also there are two friendly matches
-- in 2013 and in 2011

dexter who is expert for Polish league wrote; Podbeskidzie have ambitions and money to stay in league, they hired "Polish Mourinho" and play really good. There are even some rumours that there is cooperative between some clubs to put down Pogon Szczecin and help Podbeskidzie. Now after few games its really possibly scenario

I see value in this bet, GL


  1. Nk istra also have a good sponsor from russia...who build a new stadium...and they have a good trainer Igor Pamić...and there is only 3 matcehs to the end and they play whith strong temas first Rijeka, than Split and Lokomotiva and they are not shure to stay and they need one point and they have to go for him at their stadium

  2. @del Piero thank you for info.