Friday, May 3, 2013

3rd of may

Turkish Basketball
Olin Genclik - Fenerbahce;1
home team does not care and will play with some young kids. away team wants for better playoff position. odds dropping alread
fener -13,5ah @1.87    FT 67-83 won

Poland 1 Division
Leczna - Ol.Grudziadz dnb1 @1.75 (betsafe)  
FT 2-1 won

Leczna is full. 2nd best home team 9w-2d-2l
Ol Grudziadz without Szcot(mf 19/2),Klus(mf 24/0),Smolinski(mf 21/0),Kryszak(mf 16/1),Gawecki(mf 19/0) and youngster Gorka(mf 0/0) and Fafinski(mf 1/0)

Iskra Stal - Sheriff Tiraspol

sheriff -1ah @1.98 (bet365)  - match canceled because Iskra's problems.

huge quality difference on away side. Sheriff Tiraspol have great team with many foreign players ,here are Luvannor(brazilian 24/5),Metoua(ivory coast 28/2),Balima(angola 24/5) and serbians Stanojevic(25/3),Pesic(21/5),Markovski(7/3) ..
Sheriff have important match in cup (semi final) for few days but they play with their friends FC Tiraspol so they wont have problems because Sheriff always help them when they need points so i think that FC Tiraspol will let them to go in final ...

Iskra Stal is in bad form that is because players are focused on something else not on football ,there is big financial problem in Iskra Stal and players are without wages long time,some of them refused to play .. dont know situation now but i dont think that president or coach can change atmoshfere for just few weeks ...

quality and motivation on away side,expect away win

Austria Regionalliga
Vocklamarkt - Kapfenberg II
Voklamarkt without Christian Harrant(mf 14/1), Michael Sammer(df 20/0), Joszef Peter(att 3/1), Hasenöhrl Christian(mf 3/0), Baumann-Rott Christian(gk 0/0)
Kapfenberg II is full.

Leoben - Feldkirch

Leoben is full.
Feldkirch without Marco Huber(mf 20/0), Robert Tiffner(mf 4/0), Michael Fischer(att16/2)

Wallern - Villacher

Wallern without Edvin Hodzic(mf 20/0),Dominic Schierhuber(mf 21/0)
Villacher have problems in defence,out are Daniel Pirker(df 16/1),Mario Ramusch(df 13/1), Mario Steiner(df 15/0) and Udo Gasser(df 23/8).

Spain Primera
Celta Vigo - Ath.Bilbao

Celta without Alvarez(gk 1/0),Soto(df 22/0),Mallo(df 17/0) and Insa(mf 14/1).
Ath.Bilbao without Laporte(df 14/0),Herrea(mf 25/1),Perez(mf 5/0) and I.Martinez(mf 4/0)

Segunda Division
Xerez - Cordoba

Xerez already relegated,worst team in league,financial problems and many other problems. also xerez have problems with absences,out are Chema(gk 21/0),Barber(df 10/0),Ruz(df 7/0),Rueda(mf 23/3),Herrero(mf 25/0),Mari(att 11/2),Velez(att 7/1),Ogbeche(att 8/1) and Maldonado(att 29/3)
Cordoba without Gaspar(df 12/0),Alberto(df 19/2) and Dubarbier(att 30/2)

Germany Bundesliga 2
Hertha - Aue

Hertha without Franz(df 8/0),Kobiashvili(df 9/0),Ndjeng(mf 26/4),Kluge(mf 25/3) and Niemeyer(mf 24/2).
Aue with new coach,out are Rau(df 8/0),Munteanu(mf 5/0),Miatke(mf 0/0),Kern(att 0/0) and NIckenig(df 21/1)

Aalen - Jahn Regensburg

Aalen without Bath(df 20/0) and Hofmann(mf 27/1).
J.Regensburg without Kotzke(df 18/0),Altinay(df 12/0),Laurito(df 23/1),Rahn(df 20/3),Djurcin(att 16/3),Macedo(att 25/2) and Kurz(mf 2/0)

Dynamo Dresden - Padeborn

Dresden without Savic(df 21/0),Fiel(mf 21/0),Papadopoulos(mf 9/0),Jungnickel(mf 0/0),Pote(att 25/6) and Kitambala(att 17/2).
Paderborn without Lange(gk),Wissing(df 8/0),Gulde(df 13/1),Bruckner(mf 29/1),Vrancic(mf 31/4) and Naki(att 23/2)

Silkeborg - Nordsjaelland

Silkeborg without Heinze(first gk 25/0),Rasmussen(df 9/0) and Jakobsen(df 13/0).
Nordsjaelland miss 4 strikers, Sise(att 0/0),Bech(att 5/2),Lorentzen(att 20/4) and John(att 22/10 top scorer)

Croatia 1 nhl
Lokomotiva - Osijek

Loko without Barbaric(df 26/5),Martinac(mf 17/2),Pavicic(mf 9/0),Mihajlevic(att 0/0) and Skvorc(att 3/0).
Osijek without Mikulic(gk 11/0),Vrgoc(df 20/1),Novakovic(df 17/0),Ibriks(df 28/1),Tobasevic(df 1/0),Kurtovic(mf 22/0) and Milicevic(att 12/3).

Inter Zapresic - Zagreb

Inter without Batur(df 13/0),Radojcic(mf 4/0),Bosec(att 4/0) and Hadzic(att 3/0).
Zagreb without Dzolan(df 1/0),Pelaic(df 16/0),Kolinger(df 13/0) and Vojtus(att 14/2).

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