Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Copa Colombia
Cucuta - Boyaca Chico
Cucuta will make some little rotations in squad,Chico with strnog squad!

Cucuta Posible formación titular: José Escobar(second gk 0/0); Juan C. Angulo(df 6/0), Damián Malrechauffe(df 6/0),  John Lozano(df 7/0), Mauricio Duarte(df 7/0); Edwin del Castillo(mf 14/0), Carlos Caicedo(mf 12/0), Emanuel Molina(mf 7/1), Henry Palacios(mf 15/1); Víctor Uribe(att 9/2) y Henry Hernández(att 7/7).

Alternativas: Luis Estacio(first gk 7/0); Carlos Saa(df 0/0), Javier Valenci(mf 1/0), Eduardo Sarabia(att 5/0) y Mateo Figoli(mf 7/1)


Posible formación: Carlos Abella(first gk 19/0); Andrés Sarmiento(df 22/0), Juan Galicia(df 19/1), Jhonny Mostacilla(df 24/0), Elvis Perlaza; Yeison Gordillo, Juan Mahecha; James Castro, Oscar Restrepo, Edwin Móvil; Juan David Pérez(att 17/7).

DT: Alberto Gamero

Lombard Papa - Zalaegerszeg

Lombard Papa has sacked coach Bene Ferenc, and the new coach has nominated Zsivoczky Gyula, who already trained the team few years ago. At he weekend Papa won against Kaposvari Rakoczi 3-0 in the hungarian NBI. It was an easy task, they surpassed the opponent every element of the game. The squad is good enough, mainly the strikers and the attacking midfielders are in good form. 
Zalaegerszeg relegated from the first class last year, and now they are weakened frame. The technical and valuable players left, only "old players" stayed here, and some players have been arrived, who have become unwanted elsewhere (for example defender Budovinszky Krisztian, and defender Norbert Hajdu). Coach Prukner Laszlo also left the club, replaced by the former striker, Preisinger Sandor, who is a young and inexperienced trainer. In the Second League in the first round, they played against second team of Gyori ETO, and reached 2-2, but they had two penalty mistakes and in the last ten minutes of the match played with 10 men, because of Norbert Hajdu's red card. Then played also 2-2 against Gyirmot at home ground, and also got a red card, while Ajka beated them 2-0. They are without win after three round.
It will be a League Cup match, where the teams entered their "third team", a lot of reserve and young players will play. At this time the coaches is experimenting. But now the new coach of Papa will play with his first team, because Zsivoczky want to know them during a real game. Zalaegerszeg going to be play league match at the weekend, Coach Preisinger Sandor will rest all first choice players. Papa at weekend just will play another League Cup derby, so they will take this mathc seriously. I think Lombard Papa will win!
by Szigo

Colorado Rapids - Portland
Colorado without Wallace(df 0/0),Mastroeni(mf 2/0),

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