Sunday, September 23, 2012

night infos

El Salvador
Alianza Fc - Aguila
Alianza is best team in El Salvador without doubt. they are 1st on table with 20 points, on home ground 3w-2d-0l ...
Aguila is also solid team but before 2 days they play important match in CONCACAF with Santos Laguna and lost 0-4 .. For 3 days they will have another hard match now vs Toronto (also in concacaf) so i think that they will mix squad today.

Honduras Liga Nacional
Real Sociedad - Real Espana
pick: 2 under goals @1.80
stake: 5/10

Real Sociedad in last 3 matches didnt score any goal (3 times they play 0-0)... they have some problems with attack Juarez and Lopez are out,while Carcamo is in bad form
Real Espana in 4 matches like guest still without scored goal (0:4) ...
last their match before 2 months
Head-to-head: Real Sociedad - Real Espana
Liga Nacional 2012/2013     
Real EspanaReal Sociedad1:0   29.07.2012

Deportes Savio - Olimpia
i see here some value on away win.
Deportes Savio is weak team,last season in Clasura they won only 16 points and were 2nd worst team in league. while Olimpia won Clasura.
this season Olimpia have great start 4w-5d-0l. still without lost in 9 matches,i dont think that Savio can do something here.
last 3 matches
Liga Nacional 2012/2013
OlimpiaDeportes Savio3:11.393.977.1030.07.2012
Liga Nacional 2011/2012
OlimpiaDeportes Savio7:21.443.616.9222.03.2012
Deportes SavioOlimpia2:42.713.022.4529.01.2012

Brazil Campeonato Serie A
Sport Recife - Coritiba|

Recife without Magrao(first gk 22/0),Edcarlos(df 15/0) and Reinaldo(df 15/0).
Coritiba without Jackson(df 0/0),Cleiton(df 0/0),Keirrson(att 0/0),Emerson(df 10/2),Pereira(df 12/3),Bonfim(df 2/0),Rafinha(mf 12/4),Primao(mf 6/0),Roberto(att 11/1) and Manoel(mf 9/0)

Internacional - Bahia
Inter without Juan(df 2/1),Kleber(df 8/0),Otavinho(mf 3/0),Moura(att 4/0) and Dagoberto(att 14/5).
Bahia without Avine(df 9/0),Coelho(df 0/0),neto(df 6/1),Ze Roberto(mf 15/0) and Jones(att 9/2).

Sao Paulo - Cruzeiro
good news for Sao Paulo ,Miranda(df 10/1),Douglas(df 21/0) and Rhodolfo(df 19/0) are back in team.
Luis Fabiano(att 12/10 top scorer) is doubtful.
Cruzeiro without Silva(df 1/0),Magrao(mf 11/0),Everton(mf 15/1),Guerreiro(mf 16/0) and Fabinho(att 9/0). there are some very good news for Cruzeiro ,in team are back 3 regular defenders and Borges(att 11/7 ,2nd scorer) !!

Botafogo - Corinthians
Botafogo have back in team Seedorf(mf 13/5 key midifler),elkeson(mf 20/7 ,2nd scorer) and important midifler Junior(mf 14/2)
Corinthians miss 4 regular players,out are Chicao(df 13/2),Santos(df 17/0),Danilo(mf 14/5) and Emerson(att 7/2)

DC United - Chivas

DC without King(df 7/0),Wolard(df 21/1),Rozeboom(mf 0/0) and De Rosario(mf 26/7 ,2nd scorer)
Chivas without Riley(df 28/0) and Minda(mf 20/1).

Philadelphia - Houston
Philadelphia without Witkowski(df 0/0) and Soumare(df 2/0)
Houston without Ashe(df 26/0)

Argentina Primera
San Martin - Quilmes

San Martin without Pocrnjic(first gk)
Quilmes have full squad available.

Lanus - Boca Juniors
Lanus without Coronel(df 0/0) and Romero(att 2/0)
Boca Juniors with full squad! no injuries&suspensions. most important they will play with first squad (wont use reserves or something like that)

Montreal U21 - Brantford

Montreal have 4 wins in a row,on home ground they are very good.
Branford is in very bad form before 1 month all important players left team,now squad is full of youngsters and unexperienced players.

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