Saturday, September 15, 2012

south america insiders

later few more insiders (coming with reserves/resting players)

Columbia Torneo Postobon
Barranquila - Petrolera

huge quality and form diference!
Barranquila have 7 lost matches in a row,while Petrolera is 7 matches without a lost (4w-3d)

Barranquila's coach decide to make some rotations in squad because of bad results.
he decide to keep on bench 3 key midiflers Guerrero(mf 14/2),Espinal(mf 22/2) and Umana(mf 24/1)
+ Barranquila will be without Valencia(first gk 21/0) and Mosquera(second gk 2/0) ,coach decide give a chance to young unexperienced Villareal(third gk 0/0).

Colombia Liga Postobon
Once Caldas - Ind.Medellin

away team have some missing problems.
Herner(df 6/1),Tipton(df 14/0),Calle(df 15/0),Bocanegra(df 6/0),Zapata(att 7/3) are all out for Ind.Medellin tonight.

Huila - Envigado 1 @2.34 (sbobet)
stake: 3/10
FT 1-0 pick WON
+4.02 units

Huila have really bad start still without win but tonight i see them winning this match.
in normal case Envigado should be favourite but Envigado have very important match for 3 days in Copa Sudamericana and they will rest few important players + they have some important missings.
Lemus(mf 18/0) and Hurtado(df 20/3) are suspended. Perez(df 16/1),Fabra(df 23/1),Munoz(mf 5/0),Palacios(att 7/1) and Gonzales(att 8/0) are injured while Schmidt(first gk 18/0) isnt in squad for other reason.
also when Huila was host Envigado didnt won them!

Liga Postobon 2011


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