Friday, September 28, 2012

free insider (29/09/2012)

Croatia 1 NHL
Zadar - NK Zagreb 1 @1.80 (expekt,william hil)
stake: 2/10

Im following this teams 2 years and i think they are corporating. You can see that in their previous results, last 8 matches end with home win.. NK Zagreb today without Pelanic(df 7/0),Dzolan(df 1/0),Cica(mf 1/0) and Dedic(att 7/0).
clear 3for3

Head-to-head: Zadar - NK Zagreb
1. HNL 2011/2012
NK ZagrebZadar2:01.613.495.1330.03.2012
ZadarNK Zagreb1:01.683.464.5824.09.2011
1. HNL 2010/2011
NK ZagrebZadar1:01.703.404.5011.03.2011
ZadarNK Zagreb2:12.373.182.7128.08.2010
1. HNL 2009/2010
ZadarNK Zagreb1:01.683.544.3113.05.2010
NK ZagrebZadar4:01.424.306.1620.11.2009
1. HNL 2008/2009
NK ZagrebZadar3:11.563.685.2031.05.2009
ZadarNK Zagreb2:11.483.985.6515.03.2009
NK ZagrebZadar0:01.383.997.1819.10.2008
1. HNL 2007/2008
NK ZagrebZadar0:026.04.2008
NK ZagrebZadar7:208.12.2007
ZadarNK Zagreb1:015.09.2007

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