Thursday, September 20, 2012

Europa League
Bordeaux - Club Brugge
 I watch Club Brugge few times on TV and they play solid ,atractive attacking football,before the season bring some good players. But today have missing problems, out are Zimling(mf 3/0),Stenman(df 0/0),Refaelov(mf 6/5 key player),Trickovski(mf 1/0),important midifler Meunier(mf 6/4 ,3rd scorer),Larsen(df 3/0) and Donk(df 7/0 key defender).

Austria Regionalliga Central
Villacher - Wallern
This two teams never met each other before.
Wallern have great start in this season 4w-3d-1l . Today with full squad available.
Villacher have some defencive problems! Out are Bock(first gk 8/0),Steiner(df 8/0) and Ramusch(df 5/1)

Sudan Premier League

Al Merreikh - Al Hilal Omduran just take a look at stats,amazing.

Sweden Division 1 Sodra
Sleipner - Sylvia
Sylvia dont need points they are sure with 27 points,while Sleipner is in relegation zone ,they are last but still they have chances.
Sleipner on this match without Appelquis(df 11/1) and E.Jansen(mf 1/0). Good news for them is that 3 regular players are back in team Gil(df 13/1),Feratovic(mf 13/0) and Jashari(mf 13/2)
Sleipner squad: Robin Ahlberg (mv) och Jimmy Karlsson (mv), Gil de Souza Camago, Jasmin Feratovic, Viktor Adsell Sjöberg, Peter Skoog, Andreas Haglund, Henrik Nilsson, Filip Sundgren, Calle Svensson, Johan Nilsson, Alexander Radesjö, Josef Haddad, Sunday Eyenga, Esat Jashari, Martin Kolaj och Alija Smailagic.

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