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friday usefull infos

later more infos (regionalliga,national league and few night infos)

Austria Regionalliga East
Rapid Wien II - Ostbahn

h2h and quality on home side but they have problems today...
home coach have injury worries,7 players are out because of injury!
Rapid without Hoffman(df 6/0),Schoinsingeyer(df 2/0),Berendt(df 7/1),Schaub(mf 2/0),Drimer(df 3/0),Weinwurm(att 7/0) and Randak(att 7/2)
Ostabahn have problems in attack,3 strikers are out Samadany(att 2/0) Matus(att 7/1) and Smutny(att 0/0)
Ostabahn's coach interview: 'We currently have just learned no striker in the squad. Matus and Samadani are violated, add to that the long-term injured Smutny'

Amstetten - Sollenau
Amstetten miss injured Pllana(df 0/0),Pervofi(mf 0/0),Wurm(mf 4/2),Rulling(att 0/0) and Gunther(df 0/0)
Sollenau play hard match in OFB Cup before 3 days ... they lost 1-5 after 120 minutes... so players for sure are tired and maybe there will be some resting.
Sollenau without Knaller(att 8/4 top scorer),Vishaj(mf 6/0) and Csandl(df 7/0) + doubtful are Gomig(df 0/0),Wohrer(df 6/1) and Gohringer(att 0/0).

Austria Regionalliga Center
Vocklamarkt - SAK Klagenfurt
Vocklamarkt miss suspended Gildhofer(mf 8/0) and injured Hasenhorl(mf 3/0),Sammer(att 7/2 ,2nd scorer) and Peter(att 0/0),while Gerner(att 5/3 top scorer) is doubtful.
SKA have full squad available

Kalsdorf - Gratkrorn
Kalsdorf without Schogl(first gk 5/0).
Gratkorn without Schopf(df 6/0),Lugonjic(df 2/0),Kavcic(mf 4/0),Muratovic(mf 7/1) and Zmugg(att 9/3)

Sturm (Am) - LASK Linz
Sturm without Habjanic(df 0/0) and Kocjan(att 9/5 top scorer)
LASK Linz miss only Templ(att 0/0)

Feldkirchen - Villacher
Feldkirhen miss two important players Regal(mf 8/3 best player) and Fischer(att 7/2)
Villacher miss Steiner(df 8/0) and Stierlding(df 2/0)

Leoben - St Florian
Leoben miss Fekete
St Florian play hard match before 2 days in OFB Cup with Ried (they play 120 minuts!!) so players for sure are tired!
today out are Zemann,Hauber and Zauner. + Wurmlinger(att 9/0) is doubtful

Belaraus Vsychav Liga
BATE - Neman

BATE is best team in league they are 1st on table but they have only 2 points more than 2nd placed Shakhtyor so they arent comfortable on 1st place and they can relax ,they must win.
Neman today without Jablan(df 9/1),Rovnjeko(df 14/0) and best player Krivobok(att 18/6 ,2nd scorer)

Hungary NB I
Gyori - Papa

Gyori have amazing start! currently they are 1st on table with 19 points (6w-1d-1l) ... they are in great form 6 wins in a row,atmphosfere in club is very good. Today miss Trajkovic(mf 6/0) and Dinjar(mf 6/0).
Papa is average team,today without horvath(mf 2/0),arsic(mf 5/0) and Cspergi(att 0/0)

Ireland Premier League

Shamrock - Dundalk
Shamrock is 3 matches without a win (1d-2l) they must stop that bad period and start with winning if they want to play in Europe again next season!
Dungalk is worst team in league they are around 15 matches without a win,atmphosfere in club is very bad,motivation is on low level... Today without Foran(df 22/0),Brady(df 2/0),Shannon(mf 6/0) and Griffin(att 17/4 ,2nd scorer). while top scorer Shannan(att 17/5) is doubtful..

Drogheda - St Patricks
both teams in good form.
Drogheda miss O'Brien(att 23/11 top scorer)

France Ligue 2
Clermont - Laval
Clermont miss 5 regular players,out are Farnolle(first gk 4/0),Salze(df 5/0),Bockhorni(df 1/0),Touncara(att 0/0) and best striker Riveire(att 5/1)

Angers - Le Man
away team have big problems with missing players,today 5 important players are out! Makaridze(first gk),ADenon(df 2/0),Kante(mf 5/1),Thhomert(mf 1/0) and best striker Cisse(att 6/3)

Germany Bundesliga 2
Aalen - FSV Frankfurt
Aalen is in good form,they win last two matches and players's confidence is good.
FSV Frankfurt lost last match,they have some litle injury crisis 7 players are out because of injury: Gledson(df 2/0),Schlicke(df 6/1),Jung(df 2/0),Hofmeier(mf 0/0),gaus(mf 0/0),Tosunoglu(att 0/0) and Leckie(att 3/1 best striker). also 2 other important players are doubtful for this match Heubach(df 6/1) and Yelen(mf 4/0)

Jahn Regensburg - St Pauli
Jahn Regensburg have weak team. today without Ziereis(df 4/0),Kurz(mf 0/0) and Schmid(att 0/0)
St Pauli should be candidate for promotion but they start season bad so they must start winning if they want to back in top places. Today without Kringe(mf 3/0),Buchtman(mf 1/0) and Thy(att 2/0)

Padernborn - Koln
Padernbron without Lange(gk 0/0),Wissing(df 0/0),Palionis(df 0/0),Ziegler(df 4/0),Krosche(mf 4/0) and Demme(mf 5/0)
Koln without Schorch

Holland Eerste Divisie
Den Bosch - Emmen

Den Bosch without Willems(mf 0/0),Kilic(mf 0/0) and Vogel(mf 2/0)
Emmen will have probably problems in attacking line up because 5 striker are out. Vischer(att 1/0),Rojer(att 5/0),Worm(att 4/0),Almeida(att 0/0) and Heide(att 1/0 best striker) are OUT for this match.

Ukraine Premier League
Dynamo Kiev - Zzorya

Dynamo is main candidate for title this year. After 9 rounds they have 21 point (7w-0d-2l),because of that 2 lost matches boss decide to bring new coach. Dynamo on home ground is amazing 5w-0d-0l i expect another easy home win.
Zorya is average team in bad form (in last 5 matches 2d-3l) ,today without 2 regular palyers Verndbyb(df 5/0) and Ljubenovic(mf 8/1).

(down you can find today free insider (Tappara - Ilves)!)

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