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20th December betting infos

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Spain Primera
Sociedad - Sevilla

Sociedad in good form 6 matches without a lost. Today without injured Cadamuro(df 1/0),Elustondo(mf 2/0) and Bergara(mf 11/0).
Sevilla 4 matches without a win,very bad form,atmosfhere in team isnt good. Today miss injured Maduro(df 12/0),Fazio(df 10/3 suspended),playmaker Rakitic(mf 13/3) and Trochowski(mf 6/2).

Spain Segunda
Xerez - Villareal 

Xerez have financial problems ... for this match out are Garcia(mf 2/0),Redondo(mf 7/1) and Velez(att 7/1)-injured + Mendoza(df 18/0) and Rueda(mf 12/1) -suspended.
Villareal without Mellberg(df 14/0),Carlos(mf 9/0),cani(mf 17/0) and long term injured striker Rossi(att 0/0).

Turkish Cup
Mersin - Antalyspor

Antalyspor have problems with team for this match. Unavailable are: Arikan(first gk 12/0),Arslan(df 13/0),Aslan(df 0/0),Akin(mf 1/0),Torun(att 1/0),key midifler Inceman(mf 13/3) and Promise(att 14/4 ,2nd scorer).
Mersin have many problems in Turkish league,so for them isnt so much important cup.

Thrasivoulos - Veria
(first match Veria 0-0 Thrasivoulos)

Thrasivoulos is team from 2nd division,they are in relegation zone so for them more important thing is avoiding relegation!! Cup isnt important for them. + they are in bad form 4 matches without a win.

anyway they will use strongest possible team today
Thrasivoulous squad: Stavrianos(first gk 8/0), Xenodocho(secpmd gk 6/0), male, Panos(df 13/1), Vassiliou(df 8/0), Syros(df 14/1), Arkoumanis(mf 9/0), Skondras(mf 8/0), Becca(att 10/1), Plavoukos, Papanikou, Georgiadis, Kalamiotis, Angola, Kalogridis, Skamantzouras, grocery store, Siakavara, Provatidis , Tziortzopoulos, Serepas

quality is on Veria's side. Veria is team from 1st league (strongest league). after huge win vs one of strongest teams in Greece football Panathinaikos (Veria 3-0 Panathinaikos) players now are highly motivated.

Veria with pretty strong squad today.

Veria squad: Kantimoiris(second gk 3/0), Jonathan(first gk 12/0) , Kali(df 13/0) , Orestes(df 12/0) , Olaitan(mf 15/2) , Guillermo(mf 9/0) , Georgiadis(df 14/0), Amarantidis(df 8/0), Cafes(mf 11/1),Georgeas(df 7/0).Kalogeris(mf 14/0), Bargkan(att 14/2), Barbas(df 2/0), John, Costly(mf 11/0), Sznaucner(df 5/0) , Manos(att 0/0), Skatharoudis(att 0/0).

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