Friday, December 28, 2012

suspecious match 29/12

I preper few good infos for this weekend,there will be some free picks like a gift for new year. call your friends to visit our page.

Cheltenham - Bristol Rovers 2 @5.00

minimal stakes (because of missings in away team)

this two teams are corporating,it cant be just a coincidence.
Cheltenham ambitions for promotion but they get their points from Bristol for this season and now its time for Bristol's win who need points to stay in league and escape from dangerous zone..

last season two really crazy matches when everybody was expecting home wins they make agreement to for away wins (higher odds and more money)
Cheltenham 0:2 Bristol (odds around 5.00 for away win)
Bristol 1:3 Cheltenham (odds around 4.00 for away win)

Head-to-head: Cheltenham - Bristol Rovers
League Two 2012/2013
Bristol RoversCheltenham0:12.453.222.7203.10.2012
League Two 2011/2012
CheltenhamBristol Rovers0:21.713.584.5321.01.2012
Bristol RoversCheltenham1:31.913.363.8301.10.2011
League One 2008/2009
Bristol RoversCheltenham3:21.803.384.2527.01.2009
CheltenhamBristol Rovers2:12.633.222.5116.09.2008
League One 2007/2008
CheltenhamBristol Rovers1:015.03.2008
Bristol RoversCheltenham2:005.02.2008
League Two 2005/2006
Bristol RoversCheltenham0:114.02.2006
CheltenhamBristol Rovers2:314.01.2006
League Two 2004/2005
Bristol RoversCheltenham1:122.01.2005
CheltenhamBristol Rovers1:129.12.2004

also there are some free transfers between this two teams 

- Chris Zebrowski (from Bristol Rovers to Cheltenham)
- Darrly Duffy (from Bristol Rovers to Ccheltenham)
- David Pipe (from Bristol Rovers to Cheltenham ,on loan)
- Aaron Lescott (from Cheltenham to Bristol Rovers)

only problem for this pick are missings in away team,Bristol miss Etheridge(first gk 12/0),Began(third gk 0/0),Virgo(df 10/0),Paterson(df 21/0),Gil(mf 10/0),Harold(att 5/1) and Clarkson(att 21/6 ,2nd scorer).

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