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Wednesday 26/12 betting infos

tomorrow or later i will add more infos..

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AWAY TEAM WITH third goalkeeper on goal ... expect easy home win!! check,bet and won

England League One
MK Dons - Walsall 1 @1.63 (pinnacle)

MK Dons is candidate for promotion,they are fighting for promotional play off (top 6 places),currently MK Dons are 6th on table,they need to win this match if they want to stay there. MK Dons is best home team in league 8w-2d-1l (17:5)
Walsall in bad form won just 1 in last 14 matches.
Walsall today with full squad,while MK Dons have problems with injuries
MK Dons without

Gleeson  Midfielder183 0
MacKenzie  Defense60 15
Otsemobor  Defense191 1
Chadwick  Midfielder226 0
(from leaguespy,really good site,you must visit them!)
quality and motivation is on home side so i expect home win

+ they have very very suspecious h2h for me.
2006/2007 they play 2for2
2008/2009 they play 3for3 (clasical 3for3 ,away team won in both matches)
2009/2010 again 3for3 (now home team won)
2010/2011 MK Dons won 4 points ,while Walsall just 1 point ..
2011/2012 continue 3for3 (away team won ,high odds)
And in this season (2012/2013) Walsall won first match (really suprisly ,odds were around 3.70 in that match) ... so now its time for MK Dons.

http://www.betexplorer.com/soccer/england/league-one-2009-2010/matchdetails.php?matchid=83140 2/1 clear fixed

Head-to-head: Milton Keynes Dons - Walsall
League One 2012/2013     
WalsallMilton Keynes Dons1:03.423.252.0808.09.2012
League One 2011/2012     
Milton Keynes DonsWalsall0:11.553.865.6305.05.2012
WalsallMilton Keynes Dons0:23.263.302.1229.10.2011
League One 2010/2011     
Milton Keynes DonsWalsall1:11.823.404.1925.03.2011
WalsallMilton Keynes Dons1:22.513.202.6707.08.2010
League One 2009/2010     
WalsallMilton Keynes Dons2:11.943.383.7108.05.2010
Milton Keynes DonsWalsall1:01.593.605.7310.10.2009
League One 2008/2009     
Milton Keynes DonsWalsall0:11.324.598.6325.04.2009
WalsallMilton Keynes Dons0:32.633.252.5222.11.2008
League Two 2006/2007     
Milton Keynes DonsWalsall1:1   25.03.2007
WalsallMilton Keynes Dons0:0   28.10.2006

Medvescak - Vienna Capitals

Vienna Capitals with big injurie problems - they are missing: Benoit Gratton (best players),Francois Fortier (11asists,17 goals),Tony Romano (10goals,17asists,Jonathan Ferland (6goals,6asists),Mario Seidi (1goal,1asist) and Mario Ficsher (no goals). So they are without 4 very important players while Medvescak is in full squad.One another fact that this game is being played at St.Stephen on which Medvescak has never lost the game and the arena will be FULL of fans because it's un-working day.
by Adriatic1x2.

Belgim Jupiler League
Lokeren - Cercle Brugge
Lokeren today miss few very important players,5 first team players. Out are De Bock(df 21/0),Taravel(df 16/2),Persoons(mf 21/3 ,5th scorer),Pauw(att 9/2) and Patosi(att 21/6 top scorer).
my bet is x2 for some crazy risky combo.

Club Brugge - Kortrijk

quality and form on home side
Brugge have 3 wins in a row,Kortrijk 4 lost matches in a row.
Club Brugge was in very bad form but they bring new coach and now everything in club is fine. Larsen(df 8/0) and Blondel(mf 16/1) are injured,main player Bacca(att 19/20 top scorer) is suspended.
Kortrijk without Ragolle(df 0/0),best defender Zukanovic(df 21/5,2nd scorer),Matton(mf 5/1),Dejagehere(mf 21/2) and For(att 21/3 ,3rd scorer).

suspecious h2h
Head-to-head: Club Brugge - Kortrijk
Jupiler League 2012/2013     
KortrijkClub Brugge1:13.513.371.9914.09.2012
Club Friendly 2012     
KortrijkClub Brugge1:23.213.392.0407.07.2012
Jupiler League 2011/2012     
Club BruggeKortrijk3:21.503.985.9513.05.2012
KortrijkClub Brugge3:13.363.252.0908.04.2012
Club BruggeKortrijk2:11.434.097.0619.02.2012
KortrijkClub Brugge2:13.773.321.9223.10.2011
Jupiler League 2010/2011     
Club BruggeKortrijk4:11.354.448.0112.03.2011
KortrijkClub Brugge1:03.663.331.9431.07.2010

maybe time for draw??

England Championship
Barnsley - Birmingham
Birmingham have injury crisis.
http://www.teamtalk.com/match/preview/978/8354602/Barnsley-v-Birmingham-team-news In last match because of many injuries coach call 7 teenagers in team .. For this match Birmingha will be without Carr(df 0/0),Murphy(df 13/0),Caddis(df 7/0),Ambrose(mf 5/0),Diop(mf 2/1),Fahey(mf 7/0),Asante(att 0/0),Lovenkrads(att 14/2) and King(att 21/12 top scorer). Spector(df 19/0) and Robinson(df 14/0) are doubtful
Barnsley without important offensive player Buszaky(mf 5/0),Foster(df 19/1),Sinclair(att 3/1) and Lazarus(att 6/1). two important offensive players Mellis(mf 19/3 ,2nd scorer) and Davis(att 17/8 top scorer) are doubtful
I dont like betting on over/under but in this match when both teams are without top scorers logical bet is under.
pick: under 2,5 goals @1.91 (ladbrokes)

England Premier League
Manchester United - Newcastle

Manchester United currently 1st on table with 42 points,they draw in last match vs Swansea and now City is just 4 points behind them,they cant do two mistakes in a row,they must win this match. Rafael(df 15/2) and Kagawa(mf 6/2) are doubtful for this match but probably both will be back in team. Nani,Anderson and Powell are injured.
Newcastle is playing bad on away ground,still without win in this season (on away) 0w-4d-4l ...
They have big problems in team Cisse(att 16/2) is totaly out of form,while 6 players are injured + 1 suspended. Injured are: R.Taylor(df 1/0),S.Taylor(df 11/0 key defender),best midifler Ben Arfa(mf 11/3 ,2nd scorer),playmaker Cabaye(mf 10/2 ,one of 3rd top scorers),Gosling(mf 0/0) and Vuckic(mf 0/0). another important defencive midifler Tiote(mf 12/0) is suspended.
Man Utd have 5 wins in a row on home ground,Newcastle have 3 lost matches in a row on away ground (and that was vs weaker teams than Man Utd like Southampton 2:0 ,Stoke 2:1 and Fulham 2:1)
expect home win
pick: Man Utd @1.3

Everton - Wigan
Everton isnt some great team with star players,but they are 5th on table thanks to great start of season and thanks to good playing on home ground (4w-4d-0l) ... but i dont think they can stay on 5th table till end of season they will fall for sure. Today Everton miss best player Fellaini(mf 15/8 top scorer),HIbbert(df 5/0) and Mirallas(att 11/1). Colleman(mf 12/0) is doubtful.
Wigan have some injury problems in last few weeks, but now situation is little better. Out are just long term injured Watson(mf 8/1),Piscu(df 5/0),Alcaraz(df 2/0),Crusat(att 0/0) and Miyachi(att 4/0).

Northern Ireland
Linfield - Glentoran
Glentoran without Jason Hill(df 16/0), Mark Clarke(att 18/3 ,2nd scorer) and William Garrett(df 1/0)

Lisburn - Donegal
Donegal today without attacking duo Mark Miskimmin(att 20/6 top scorer) and Shane Dolan(att 14/3 ,2nd scorer)

Ballymena - Coleraine
Ballymena miss key defender Tony Kane(df 18/0) and Alan Davidson(mf 11/2).

Portadown - Glenavon
Portadown miss two best players in team. best defender Gary Breen(df 15/2) and best striker Darren Murray(att 19/11 top scorer) are unavailable today.

27/11 NBA
Charlotte Bobcats - Miami Heat 2 @1.15 (bah)
-still no asian hendikep in offer so we should wait..
huge quality and form diference!
Charlotte have 15 lost matches in a row,very bad serie. They are playing bad and have problems with injuries,for this match out is Tyrus Thomas(PF 7ppg,3rpg,1apg), 3 other important players are doubtful for this match , best center Byron Mullens(C 12ppg,8rpg,2apg),Ben Gordon(SG 13 ppg,2rpg,2apg) and Gerald Henderson(SG/PG 14ppg,4rpg,2apg) are questionable for this match. Charlotte is 3rd worst team in league..
Miami in great form 4 wins in a row,curretnly 1st on table in Eastern Conference. Miami have amazing roster with some star players like LeBron James,Dwayne Wade,Ray Allen and Chris Bosh.
Chris Bosh is doubtful for this match but probably will play.

h2h also on Miami's side
Head-to-head: Charlotte Bobcats - Miami Heat
NBA 2012/2013
Charlotte BobcatsMiami Heat92:984.071.2324.10.2012
NBA 2011/2012
Miami HeatCharlotte Bobcats105:821.0216.0814.04.2012
Miami HeatCharlotte Bobcats129:901.0412.3102.01.2012

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