Friday, December 28, 2012

friday 28th december

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Basketball FranceChalon - Strasbourg
Chalon -6,5ah @1.8 (sportingbet)

1st placed Chalon will met with 3rd placed Strasbourg.
Chalon is best team in league,they have great team with many quality players but they have injury problems in last few months and that effect on their results ... but now situation is ok,all players are fit.
Strasbourg is also team with high ambitions but they have many injured players for this match,out are long term injured Zianneveni(PF 6,1ppg) and De Jong(C), + two best players Greer(PF 13,3ppg 7,8rpg 5apg) and american Fitch(SG 17,6ppg top scorer)
so i decide
 bet on Chalon with hendikep.

Orleans - Nancy
after 4 wins in a row Orleans stop,they lost last match (Limoges 75-64 Orleans). Orleans is doing good job this season,on home ground 4w-2l. No injuries in team,they have full squad available
Nancy is worst away team in league 1w-5l,before start of season they change almost whole team. Before 2 days Nancy play hard match and won Paris (Nancy 89-84 Paris),but that will effect a lot of Nancy's players because they lost too much energie and now almost all players are tired.
Till now they have many problems with injuries (i wrote about that few times..) today they have some new players injured and problems are bigger! Injured are: american Shuler(PG), Toure(PF 5,9ppg), american Linehan(SG 4,6ppg),and two centers King(C 15,1 ppg) and Sylla(C 3,0 ppg).

expect easy home win.
pick: Orleans -5,5ah @1.88 (sportingbet)

Hockey Sweden
Lulea - MoDo

Lulea have one of best defences in league,MoDo today without 2 key strikers,out are Kempe(fw 32/9) and Steen(fw 20/8)

Hockey Slovakia
Kosice - Banska Bystrica 1 @1.6 (bet365,sportingbet)

Kosice have great coach Milan Stas (in slovakia peoples called him "hockey Ferguson"). When Milan Stas came on Kosice's bench Kosice have 5 wins in a row on home ice (they beat few strong teams like Zvolen who is 1st on table).
Banska lost last 3 matches on away ground with hendikep(-1,5).. For this match Banska miss best player Handzus(NHL player),without him Bansa is other team they are 50% weaker without him and that will effect a lot on this match , Jankovic is suspended ,while other NHL player Tyrell and Durkech are doubtful.
first match when Kosice was host . Kosice 4-0 Banska.

Hockey KHL
St.Petersburg - Slovan Bratislava
quality on home side. St Petersburg have very strong team with few great NHL players. After 5 wins in a row they lost from CSKA in last match .. but that wont effect on them. No important missings in home team
Slovan Bratislava playing bad on away ground in last time (5 lost of 6 matches). + for this match Slovan have many injured players,out are Satan(fw 21/7 ,2nd scorer),two key defenders Tabacek(df 31/1),Stajnoch(df 33/2) and Stasny(fw 36/1). doubtful is Dravecky(fw 24/1).

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