Monday, April 8, 2013

08/04 monday

England Premier League
Manchester United - Manchester City
United without Fletcher(mf 3/1) and SCholes(mf 14/1). Vidic and Jones are doubtful.
no important missings in City,out are only Maicon(df 7/0),Richards(df 3/0) and Rodwell(mf 8/0)

Italy Serie B
Padova - Varese

Padova is in bad form + today without Antania(gk 19/0),Piccioni(df 16/0),Renzetti(df 28/1),Piccini(df 8/0),Dellafiore(df 5/0),Cuffa(mf 11/2),Feudis(mf 11/0),Galli(mf 10/1) and Babacar(att 15/1)
Varese is fighting for promotion play off. Varese without Fiamozzi(df 14/0),Carrozieri(df 14/0),Tripoli(mf 8/0),Damonte(mf 21/2),Moomente(att 11/1)

Concordia - Gaz Metan

home team is full
Gaz Metan without Negru(mf 12/0), Pereira(mf 15/2), Tahar(mf 18/0)

PAS Giannina - AEK

rumours in greece that PAS Giannina dont want in Europe,but that are just rumours of course. They are talking that Giannina's boss dont want his team in Europe because he will have to spend money on transfers,higher salaries etc. but i dont believe in that.
AEK is very young and weak team this season,before start of this season all key players left team because of financial problems.. There are some conflicts between coach and players .. players are without wages long time but they want to show good performances and go in other club.
Giannina without Ionnau(mf 0/0) and Avenikou(mf 5/0)
AEK without Katidis(mf 20/2),Cordero(mf 23/0),Fountas(mf 25/4) and Pavlis(att 12/3)

France Ligue 2
Le Havre - Caen

Le Havre without Tangu(df 1/0),Francois(mf 22/1) and Fanchone(att 0/0)
Caen without King(df 5/0),Traore(mf 7/0),Lazarevic(df 0/0),Nangis(att 2/1),Tandia(mf 0/0) and Agouazi(mf 16/2)

Burcaspor - Besiktas

Burca without Tekin(second gk 4/0). Carson(first gk 24/0) and Edu(mf 9/0) are doubtful.
Besiktas without Koybasi(df 0/0),Sivok(df 24/5),Niang(att 7/1),Boral(mf 18/1) and Hugo Almeida(att 19/9)

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