Friday, April 5, 2013

suspecious matches and coming with reserves/youngsters

Austria 2
A.Lustenau - FC Lustenau 1 @1.8 (188bet)
2/1 (ht/ft) @26.00 (sbobet)

quality and motivation on home side.
It is a city derby but this two teams are in very good relationships. 
they have same stadium! sometimes they have trainings together. Players are good friends.
they have 10 transfers ,8 of them are free

missing players:

A.Lustenau without Dunst(df 21/0), Roth(mf 23/6), Kuhne(att 1/0)
FC Lustenau without Bolter(df 22/0) and Haselberger(mf 23/0) -both suspended

both teams are in bad form,but quality is on home side.
FC Lustenau dont have licence and money,so next season they will play in lower division! No more wages for players,they are playing for nothing ... there are rumours that FC Lustenau's players are betting against themselfs.

also worth a try 2/1 because Lustenau have big financial problems!
28/09/09 Lustenau 1-2 A.Lustenau , ht 1-0 ; ft 1-2 . classic
in many of their matches you can see crazy defencive mistakes,red cards,goals from penalty kicks,own goals ... many suspecious moments.

A.Lustenau probably dont want to go in higher division but they will probably win this match for their fans because they are very angry after last lost match vs weakest team in league BW Linz!

Belaraus - Germany 1 @2.05 (ladbrokes)

Germnay came in Belaraus with B team,key players from NHL and home league are NOT in team (reason is clear NHL is in playing,while there are play offs in germany hockey league). Germany's coach said that result isnt important today.
Belaraus with strongest possible team,all best players from KHL are IN. They didnt qualified on Olympic Games so coach dont want to dissapoint fans once again so he decide to go with strong team.

Slovenia - Italy

Slovenia with B team.
best players will be rested,coach want to see some new faces ,new talents ...

Holland Eerste

Almere - Eindhoven 

things in holland 2 are mixed ... Veendam is not anymore in league because of bad financial situation,before few months AGOOV also leave league because of same problems ...

Eindhoven can't relegate (almost 3-4 years nobody relegate in lower division,because teams from lower divisions dont have money for higher division ...)
Almere is nothing special ..

suspecious h2h
Head-to-head: Almere City - Eindhoven FC
Eerste Divisie 2012/2013
Eindhoven FCAlmere City1:21.773.733.8623.11.2012
Eerste Divisie 2011/2012
Eindhoven FCAlmere City0:21.354.547.4909.04.2012
Almere CityEindhoven FC1:32.743.372.3119.12.2011
Eerste Divisie 2010/2011
Almere CityEindhoven FC3:02.393.292.7001.04.2011
Eindhoven FCAlmere City2:01.344.577.8717.09.2010
Eerste Divisie 2009/2010
Almere CityEindhoven FC3:11.823.473.8726.02.2010
Eindhoven FCAlmere City2:02.003.403.3320.11.2009

suspecious matches:

09/04/2012 Eindhoven 0-2 Almere ,red card for hosts. odds for away win 8.00
09/12/2011 Almere 1-3 Eindhoven , ht 1-0 ; ft 1-3 ,classic 1/2. high odds again.

no transfers between them :(

distance: 128km

no bet for me on this match.

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