Friday, April 26, 2013


Sol de America - Club Olimpia
club olimpia with mixed team because of copa libertadores match

Croatia 1 NHL
Lok.Zagreb - Split

Loko without Martinac(mf 17/2),Zakaric(mf 20/0),Pavlicic(mf 9/0),Mihajlevic(att 0/0) and Skvorc(att 3/0).
Split without Krizanac(df 11/2),Zeba(mf 1/0),Hrgovic(df 24/0) and Vitaic(mf 18/6).

Germany 2 Bundesliga
Union Berlin - Jahn Regensburg

Union Berlin is full.
Jahn Regensburg already relegated and without: Kotzke(df 18/0),Laurito(df 23/1),Rahn(df 20/3),Altinay(df 12/0),Kurz(mf 2/0),Djuricin(att 16/3) and Macedo(att 25/2)

Ingolstadt - Braunschweig

Ingolstadt without Metzelder(mf 0/0). Korkmaz(mf 22/1) is doubtful.
Braunschweig without Rechel(df 25/0),Boland(mf 28/4),Kluft(Mf 0/0),Theuerkauf(mf 28/1) and Kruppke(att 20/9 ,2nd scorer)

France Ligue 2
Niort - Nantes

Niort have 4 players questionable for this match , Konate(df 25/2),Bernard(Df 30/2),Glombard(mf 26/2) and Juan(mf 6/0) all of them miss last match but for this one i cant find info are they available.
Nantes without Trabelsi(mf 1/0),Madouni(df 18/1) and Veretout(mf 28/0)

LeMans - Arles

Le Mans with financial troubles, unavailable are: Janot(first gk 25/0),Adenon(df 2/0),Sanson(mf 23/3),Zito(mf 31/0),Kone(mf 23/0),Thomert(mf 15/2) and Cisse(att 19/4).
Arles without Mara(df 2/0),Zarour(df 13/0),Cardy(mf 24/1),Sangare(mf 19/2),Akale(mf 4/0) and Saada(mf 15/2)

Auxerre - Chatearaux

Auxerre without Mayens(gk 1/0),Colace(mf 3/0),Makengo(mf 19/1) and Ramos(df 18/0).
Chatearaux without Millieras(first gk 24/0),Sambou(df 14/0),Diaby(mf 1/0),Ehua(mf),Hautecoer(mf 21/0),Guidileye(mf 10/1) and Tainemont(mf 31/6 ,2nd scorer)

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