Saturday, April 27, 2013


i promise you vip pick free and here it is!

Quindio - Millonarios , millonarios -0,25ah @1.90 (12bet;dafabet)
stake: 6/10

quality on away side,last season Millonarios was best team in Colombia,they had great players especially in attack Cosme and Botello but both of them left team so now they are little weaker in attack but still they have Montero,Renteria and Perlaza ..

Quindio is one young and weak team,currently last on table with just 7 points, they scored only 5 goals in 12 matches... after good performances last season best players were sold , so club left: Otero(first gk 29/0),Torijano(df 26/2),best striker Caicedo(att 26/13 top scorer),Herrera(att 10/6),key midifler Murrilo(mf 30/6),Garcia(att 30/5) .....
quindio line up;
Julián Viáfara, Luis Paz, Eduar Zea, Eder Castañeda, Wilmer Palacios, Hernando Patiño, Carlos Robles, Jaine Barreiro, Alfredo González, Jorge Horacio Serna, André Beltrame.
Gustavo Biscayzacú(att 9/1) is out.

good news for Millonarios three players Candelo,Vasquez and Diaz are back in team.
Millonarios without Leudo(mf 7/0) and Tancredi(mf 4/1)

line up; Róbinson Zapata, Leonard Vásquez, Pedro Franco, Román Torres, Járol Martínez (Alex Díaz); Elkin Blanco, Rafael Robayo, Mayer Candelo, Harrison Otálvaro; Fredy Montero, Wason Rentería.
strong line up,no rotations or resting players!

must win situation for Millonarios. value odds

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