Saturday, April 6, 2013


i am going on trip today so i wont be online till 4pm.

Kerkyra - Levadiakos 2 @2.07 (5dimes)  1-2
3 rounds till end of season,good relationships between this two clubs Levadiakos need win today and they will be safe!!
Kerkyra already relegate,last on table with just 20pts.  No motivation ,next season they will play in lower division. Venetis(df 26/1),Stamou(mf 6/0) and Boukouvalas(df 21/0) are unavaileble for this match!
i expect away win here,good relationships,Kerkyra already relegated playing for nothing i think that Kerkyra will let this points to Levadiakos.

England League Two
Oxford - Wycombe
DNB2 @2.50 0-1

home team have problems with absences,out are:  Clarke(first gk 24/0),Raynes(df 35/1),Capaldi(df 28/0),Rigg(mf 41/4),Smalley(att 23/4),Montrose(mf 5/0),Leven(mf 20/4) and Richards(mf 4/0) - 6 of them first team players!

Warta Poznan - LKS Lodz
1 @2.1   3-0
huge problems for away team.  LKS will relegate for sure,no money,no quality players,no motivation.
Boss dont care for club,probably will go in bankrupt. They still dont have licence for next season ...,klub,news,1508,artykul.html?material_id=515d7fc5fbaeddff13010000

because of bad financial situation in winter transfer period club left: Zoltowski(df 9/0),Sasin(mf 16/1),Olszewski(gk 1/0),Sarafinski(mf 13/0),Kubicki(att 7/0),Szyc(mf 0/0),Kuklis(df 11/0),Osinski(df 7/0),Cyzio(df 8/0),Borsukov(df 14/0),Kaczmarek(mf 20/2).
before that few other important players left team: Kujawa(att 7/2),Smolinski(mf 11/0),Iwanski(mf 13/0),Gancarzyk(mf 7/0),Szcot(mf 4/0),Laizans(att 9/0),Klepczarek(mf 23/0),Bonin(mf 12/1),Saganowski(att 22/6),Gercaliu(df 12/1) ....
Papikjan is injured and unavailable for this match.

Warta is nothing special,but they play on home ground vs poorest team in league,motivation,quality and experience is on home side.

Kilmarnock - Dundee FC 1 @1.75 (pinnacle)

last round,must win situation for Kilmarnock.
home team Kilmarnock desperate need win if they want to be in "champions group" (top 6 teams).
Dundee FC without motivation,they are last on table and they will stay there whatever happen to this match. They are also worst away team in league 1w-5d-10l .. for this match without Douglas(first gk 30/0).
quality,home field,motivation on Kilmarnock's side

Croatia 1 NHL
Rijeka - Osijek ,
rijeka -1ah @1.71 (188bet) 1-0 void.

quality,motivation and everything is on home side.
Rijeka have money,have players,have fans and ambitions for 2nd place,that is their target. They have very good team this season,their new boss invest lot of money in club before start of season! For this match they have full squad available.
Osijek is weak team in financial problems and bad form. first gk Vargic left team (new Rijeka's player!). for this match unavaileble are key defender LEskovic(Df 23/3),Smoje(df 21/0),Vrgoc(df 20/1),Misic(Mf 7/1),Aleksic(mf 15/0),Kvrzic(mf 24/3).

expect easy home win.

Quilmes - San Martin

home team players were in strike because of unpaid wages!

Giessen - Bayreuth

Giessen is worst team in league. They have finacnial problems,i wrote about that,all key players left team. Now team is full of youngsters.
bayreuth is also weak team but this handicap line is too short imo.
Bayreuth -13,5ah @1.90 pick WON (15 points difference!)