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early bet

go down to see today (16/04) usefull betting infos

Copa Libertadores
Cerro Porteno - Deportes Tolima 2 @2.4 (sbobet)

cerro playing for nothing here,they are last on table with 0pts .. no motivation
1.Santa Fe53207:411
3.Deportes Tolima52127:57
4.Cerro Porteno50053:110

Cerro will play with reserves because this match isnt important for them
Cerro Porteno line up: Pablo Gavilán(third gk 0/0); César Benítez(df 0/0), Gonzalo Viera(df 1/0), Danilo Ortiz(df 1/0) y Sergio Vergara(df 4/0); Iván Torres(mf 3/0); Julio Domínguez(df 1/0) y Paul Ambrosi(df 1/0); Óscar Romero(mf 4/0); Roberto Nanni(att 3/0) y Guillermo Beltrán(att 2/0).

Tolima need win tonight,they must win. Tolima came in Paraguay with strongest squad,they hope that Santa Fe will won Garcilaso and with that Tolima will have great chances for 2nd place!

motivation and quality on away side.

England Championship
Wolves - Hull

2nd team from bottom vs 2nd best team in league.
Wolves is 23th on table with 48pts. Hull is 2nd on table with 77pts,one of main candidate for promotion!
for this match Wolves have huge problems with missing players! Hennesey(first gk ,long term injured),Ikeme(second gk 38/0 ,regular because Hennesey is injured),Mouyokolo(df 0/0),Boukari(mf 4/0),Elokobi(df 1/0),Edwards(mf 24/2),key midifler O'Hara(mf 19/0),key midifler Sako(mf 35/9 ,2nd scorer) and best striker Ebans Blake(att 40/13 top scorer) are UNAVAILABLE!
so Wolves without first two goalkeepers and two top scorers,big hendikep for them!
Hull without McShane(df 23/1),Bruce(df 32/0),Evans(mf 31/1) and long term injured Dudgeon(df 9/0),Aluko(mf 23/8).

NO BET,3 rounds till end of season Wolves need relegation points,Hull is sure on 2nd place ...

16/04 Moldova Cup
Iskra Stal - Milsami 2 @2.20 (bet365)  FT 0-1 pick WON
huuuge quality difference on away side.

Iskra Stal is in huge financial problems! No money in club,players are without salaries 3 months so they are frustrated and demotivated!

info from my friend who is expert for moldova's football : "" The Disciplinary Committee ordered to the "Iskra-Stal" administration within 10 days to pay the players and coaches restant salaries. Otherwise the club will be amended with points and send the second league.

In total, the administration of "Iskra-Stal" need to pay to the players and ex-players 34,000 dollars. Players and coaches of ISKRA's club have not been paid the last four months. 12 players in the last week to submit a complaint to the Federation. The Disciplinary Committee of the FMF allowed the appeal
. ""

Milsami is good team with stable financial situation and rich owner. They are CUP title defenders,they are highly motivated and want win in this match.

there is big possibility that Iskra will play with reserves if first team players refuse to play!


17/04 Macedonia Cup
Shkendija - Vardar ,   Vardar -0,25 @2.55(marathonbet)
or 2 @3.20 (bwin)
huge value bet!! odds will drop quickly after this publishing i am 99% sure!

This is semi final match of Macedonian Cup. Vardaw will be 99% in final of cup,they have good relationships with FFM (football federation of macedonia).
coach Djidji resign from club after lost derby match vs Pelister on home ground (0-1) but still there is big question will board accept his resing or they will back him (board and owners of club want him like coach because he is their good friend and all of them are in same political party [politic is very involved in sport in our country])
so probably they will give chance to Djidji to stay in club in next two matches vs Shkendija in CUP and vs Drita in league.
Vardar is richest team in Macedonian Football they have money and they will win Shkendija in Cup (probably they will buy this match) and they will easy beat Drita (who love to "sell" matches ,i guess that match will be fixed for Vardar's win with that Djidji will stay in team and board will be happy)

upadate: Vardar have new-old coach that is Bobi
that wont be problem for players because Bobi was leading the team long time and he knows the players really good ,players respect him

but this is no reason why i take this bet ...

Vardar have probably best squad in league (together with Teteks) and they have lot of money. Their target is double crown (league and cup). on this match Vardar probably will miss Zahov(gk 14/0 long term injured),Georgiev(att 20/4) and Gimenez(mf 15/3).

Shkendija in deep crisis. i wrote about that click here.
because of big financial problems and unpaid wages Aliu(mf 19/1),important midifler Demiri(mf 20/3 ,3rd scorer),Nikov(first gk 19/0),key defender Berisha(df 22/0) and best striker Ejupi(att 24/14 top scorer) left club before just few days! two best midiflers Emini(mf 14/5,2nd scorer) and best player Nedzhipi(he was alfa and omega on this team) also left Shkendija,but they did that earlier.
another key player Polozhani(mf 15/5 ,2nd scorer) is injured.

quality is on away side. pitch is in bad condition,there will be lot of tackles on this match but i believe that Vardar will win this match

Italy Serie B
Modena - Bari

Modena without Di Stasio(gk 0/0),Mairino(mf 2/0),Signore(mf 31/3),Sturaro(mf 8/0) and PAganO(mf 25/2).
Bari miss Albadoro(att 9/0)

Empoli - Juve Stabia

Empoli without Dossena(first gk 11/0),Ferreira(df 4/0),Pratali(df 19/2),Mori(df 2/0),Valdifiro(mf 31/1),Camillucci(mf 10/0) and Coralli(att 1/0).
Juve Stabia without Pompilio(att 0/0) and Mbakogu(att 14/3) 1/2 2/1
they are in good relationships,if Juve Stabia have ambitions for promotion play off than this should be 2 (but i dont have any info about ambitions)

Reggina - Sassuolo

Reggina without Lucioni(df 11/0),Adejo(df 34/2),Barilla(Mf 32/2) and Michele(att 14/6).
Sassuolo without Gazzoladf 31/1),Valeri(mf 3/1),Magnanelli(mf 35/1) and Masucci(att 14/4)

Viruts Lanciano - Ternana

home team need points to escape from dangerous zone.
V.Lanciano without Casadei(gk 5/0) and Aquilanti(df 35/0).
Ternana have ot of absences,out are: Fazio(df 25/1),Masi(df 8/0),Piscane(df 7/0),Lauro(df 21/0),Ragusa(mf 32/1),Miglietta(mf 32/0),Gotti(mf 1/0),Dianda(mf 29/1),Scozzarella(mf 9/0) and Nole(att 19/4,3rd scorer). best striker Litteri(att 30/8 top scorer) is questionable for this match

Pro Verceli - Varese

home team is 2nd from bottom no real motivation,playing for nothing. Their chances to stay in league are Pro Verceli miss Modolo(df 18/2),Fabiano(mf 14/2),Grossi(mf 6/1),Greco(att 7/0),de Paula(att 3/0),Innocenti(mf 0/0). doubtful are: Sini(df 16/0),Abbate(df 7/0),Vinci(df 3/0) and Erpen(mf 7/1)
Varese is high on table but i dont know did they really want promotion this years because if we take a look at their results it is suspecious (but maybe it is just a bad form). Varese without Bastionani(gk 10/0),Carrozieri(df 14/0),Fiamozzi(df 14/0),Damonte(mf 21/2),Antonio(att 9/0),Momente(att 11/1) and Martinetti(att 21/3)

Brescia - Grosetto 1 @1.42 (dafabet;pinnacle)

Brescia without Cragno(gk 1/0),Arias(df 1/0),Sodinha(mf 10/0),Saba(mf 17/2),Bouy(mf 17/1) and Maio(df 33/2) - only 2 of them are important players.
Grosetto without Belardi(gk 0/0),Iorio(df 18/0),Barba(df 19/0),Crimi(mf 23/0),Lupoli(mf 25/5,2nd scorer),Quadrini(mf 11/0),Mancini(mf 7/1) and Gimenez(att 11/1)
huge quallity difference on home side,i am sure that Brescia want promotion,they have ambitions and money for that.
Grosetto is last on table,already relegated. Playing for nothing,there are rumours that Brescia "buy" this match but why will Brescia buy this match when they are better team and can win without any problem?
expect home win here.

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