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19/04 FRIDAY

Qormi - Harmun  2 @3.00 (sportingbet)
info from my subscriber (from malta) :
An interesting match next friday from my country in between qormi and hamrun.hamrun must win this game to stay in premier or else will relegate.qormi are safe.qormi have big financial problems players havent been paid for last 3 months.i have some friends playing for to get money the management have to do something so match fixing would be an easy way.few weeks ago qormi played against balzan game finished 4-4 and if you look at the timing of scores a big chance was game fixed.romours were that balzan had to win the game but this didnt happen somehow and qormi president lost over €40,000.another game was qormi vs floriana.qormi leading 2-0 ht then result changed in favour to floriana 4-2.i see that next game hamrun will win and ht/ft qormi/hamrun can happen too.

shortly , Harmun in must win situation because if they dont win today they will relegate.
Qormi in big financial problems,players without salaries. Boss must do something to get money and pay salaries to players - best option is match fixing  .. Qormi is master for 2/1 and 1/2 ! They played 7 times this season!
so another bet is 1/2 (qormi/hamrun) @23.00 in bet365

Stegersbach - Admira (Am) ht 2-1 ; ft 3-4 (1/2 & 7+ .. mega high odds!) ht 2-3 ; ft 6-3 (now 2/1 & 9+ .. again mega high odds!)
only one transfer between them (this is amateur league so transfers arent important)
Georg Krenn (from Admira II to Stegersbach)

Stegersbach withotu Dominik Bichler(df 21/7 ,2nd scorer), Franz Faszl(mf 17/2),Kevin Krammer(mf 3/0), Martin Schalk(df 15/0)
Admira (am) without Philipp Posch,Oliver Pranjic(att 5/2),Dominik Burisic(att 3/1), David Ölkü

Illichievts Mariupol - Vorskla 1 @1.92 (188bet)  1-0 pick won

quality is on home side,Mariupol is just 4 points behind european places.
Vorskla without Perduta(df 6/0),Chesnakov(df 23/0) and Januzi(att 12/3). Selin(df 16/0),Krasnoperov(mf 18/0) and best player Bezus(mf 16/6 top scorer) left team in winter transfer period ..

h2h is very suspecious and time for home win ..
Head-to-head: Mariupol - Vorskla Poltava
Premier League 2012/2013
Vorskla PoltavaMariupol1:
Premier League 2011/2012
Vorskla PoltavaMariupol3:11.633.474.8917.03.2012
MariupolVorskla Poltava4:12.463.062.6928.08.2011
Premier League 2010/2011
MariupolVorskla Poltava2:62.502.932.7013.11.2010
Vorskla PoltavaMariupol1:31.573.485.5217.07.2010
Premier League 2009/2010
Vorskla PoltavaMariupol3:01.703.174.7403.04.2010
MariupolVorskla Poltava0:02.502.982.6427.09.2009
Premier League 2008/2009
Vorskla PoltavaMariupol2:31.453.606.8404.04.2009
MariupolVorskla Poltava1:32.592.792.7030.08.2008
Premier League 2006/2007
Vorskla PoltavaMariupol3:02.202.773.3017.06.2007
MariupolVorskla Poltava2:01.753.174.2719.11.2006
Premier League 2005/2006
Vorskla PoltavaMariupol1:02.492.882.7027.11.2005
MariupolVorskla Poltava3:21.453.596.3817.07.2005

Mariupol's coach is Mykola Pavlov ,he is ex Vorskla's coach. link
Vorskla without real coach, Serhiy Svystun is leading the team (like a carectacer coach) link (he was training Vorskla II team)

transfers between them

Croatia NHL
Inter Zapresic - Istra

Istra without Roce(mf 21/10 top scorer) and Aganovic(mf 15/3) who are injured, Cagalj(df 20/0) and Bacelic Grgic(mf 24/5 ,2nd scorer) have stomach virus, Cagalj is out for sure,while Bacelic Grgic is questionable!
Istra will have only 13 players for this match click to see

NK Zagreb - Zadar DNB1 @1.4 (bet365)
1-1 void cooperation continues it was time for X ..

long and good known cooperation,we won good money on their previous matches ...
my analyse on their last match

analyse is the same
this season 3 matches will be played [2 already were played , Zagreb won 3 points,Zadar also >> so now it is time for X (draw) ]

both teams have same ambitions. to stay in league!


Zagreb have one of most suspecious boss in Croatia,that is Drazen Medic ,he is in good relationships with Dinamo Zagreb's boss Zdravko Mamic who control almost everything in Croatian football. Zdravko Mamic who control everything in Cro Football is best man with Ciro Blazevic(Zagreb's coach ,legendary coach!) ,Ciro came in Zagreb to save club from relegation!
Zadar change their boss before two/three season but cooperation continue.

h2h is very good
Head-to-head: NK Zagreb - Zadar
1. HNL 2012/2013
NK ZagrebZadar2:11.613.615.1322.02.2013
ZadarNK Zagreb4:01.803.274.1229.09.2012
1. HNL 2011/2012
NK ZagrebZadar2:01.613.485.1430.03.2012
ZadarNK Zagreb1:01.683.454.5724.09.2011
1. HNL 2010/2011
NK ZagrebZadar1:01.703.404.5011.03.2011
ZadarNK Zagreb2:12.363.182.7128.08.2010
1. HNL 2009/2010
ZadarNK Zagreb1:01.683.554.3113.05.2010
NK ZagrebZadar4:01.434.286.0920.11.2009
1. HNL 2008/2009
NK ZagrebZadar3:11.563.675.2131.05.2009
ZadarNK Zagreb2:11.493.905.6515.03.2009
NK ZagrebZadar0:01.384.057.2019.10.2008
1. HNL 2007/2008
NK ZagrebZadar0:01.403.836.4826.04.2008
NK ZagrebZadar7:21.563.435.1508.12.2007
ZadarNK Zagreb1:
suspecious matches
Zadar 4-0 NK Zagreb 
, 30min Zadar score from penalty kick,37min Zagreb get red card and Zadar finish job easy
NK Zagreb 2-0 Zadar
 , 5min 1-0 ,8min 2-0 from penalty kick.
Zadar 1-0 NK Zagreb ,43min Zadar score from penalty kick.
NK Zagreb 1-0 Zadar ,49min red card for Zadar,51min Zagreb score from penalty kick

it is time for DRAW but i think that Zagreb will win this match .. nothing serious,best option is
DNB1 @1.4 (bet365) 

Ciro Blazevic in interview says that they want 3 points and nothing else .. (on this link you also can check missing players)


Romania 3 Liga
Milenium Giarmata - Minerul Motru 2 @2.25 (bet365)

Minerul Motru is main candidate for promotion,if they win this match they are 99% sure in higher division. Minerul Motru have best attack and best defence in league,for sure they are best team in this league. also they have rich and powerfull boss Condescu - those who follow romanian football "know" him (he is Pandurii's president) , Condescu want Minerul Motru in Liga II.

this is how table looks

home teamm Millenium Giarmata dont have ambitions for higher league. No motivation for home team, they play good and have good players but players are demotivated because of unpaid wages.
3 key defenders will be unavailable for home team + best defender left team because of bad financial situation!

Romania II
UTA Arad - Lucearaful  1 @1.44 (bet365)
or UTA -1eh @2.45 (tipico)  
2-0 both pick won
UTA Arad is fighting for promotion they must win all matches till end of season!
away team have problems with absences ,out are Munteanu(df 13/0) , Haş(mf 13/0)m Constantin Roşu(mf 17/4) ,Zeno Bundea(mf 13/1) and Sergiu Pop.
quality is on home side.
Coach Farcas (away team coach) said : The difference between us and UTA is definetely in favor of the UTA Arad in all the aspects. As general objective and squad quality, the team is over us, but that does not mean we are safe victims on Saturday.

Scotland Premier League

Dundee Utd - Motherwell 2 @2.7 (bet365) 1-3 pick won
suspecious h2h.
in 2010/11 they play 6for6
in 2011/12 they play 4for4
now in 2012/13 probably they will play 6for6 (dundee already won 6 points,motherwell won 3 points) so it is time for away win.
Head-to-head: Dundee Utd - Motherwell
Premier League 2012/2013
MotherwellDundee Utd0:12.093.423.3119.02.2013
Dundee UtdMotherwell1:22.433.222.8427.11.2012
MotherwellDundee Utd0:12.413.272.7807.11.2012
Premier League 2011/2012
MotherwellDundee Utd0:22.483.262.7313.05.2012
Dundee UtdMotherwell1:
MotherwellDundee Utd0:02.183.303.1926.11.2011
Dundee UtdMotherwell1:31.943.373.7401.10.2011
Premier League 2010/2011
Dundee UtdMotherwell4:01.903.413.8707.05.2011
MotherwellDundee Utd2:12.543.252.6506.04.2011
Dundee UtdMotherwell2:
MotherwellDundee Utd2:

Dundee without two key players. best striker Russel(att 29/13 top scorer) and best defender Gunning(df 25/3) who are injured. Mark Millar(mf 15/0) is injured
Motherwell have great team this season.

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