Wednesday, April 3, 2013

3rd April

Macedonia » MFL »
Renova - Teteks
picks: x2 @2.14 , dnb2@3.85 (unibet,paf)  ;  2 @5.00

good relationships between this two clubs.

i already wrote few times that Teteks make "dream team"
bookies now are forcing Teteks,they give them too low odds and i always find value on other team .. this time i am with Teteks,reason is clear everymatch till end of season is "life or death" .

like i said they have good relationhips with Renova,Teteks let Renova to win in last season cup matches (later Renova won cup!) ..
only bad thing is that Renova's owner is albanian (he also have strong function in FFM),while Teteks is ethnical macedonian team and they hate albanians ... but it is not about love or hate it is all about the money!

Teteks have suspecious owners,fans are talking that owners make this team to win the cup,go in europe,to fix some match ,to get money and leave the club ...

anyway Teteks have better team,probably they will win the cup (currently they are in semi-final),best striker Iseni is finally 100% ready to play,i expect goal from him.
Renova playing for nothing ,their target was to avoid relegation and they are sure on table now!

i think that Renova will help Teteks to won this match.
value bet!

Czech Cup
Sigma - Sparta
Sigma with strong team,no resting players!

Scotland » Premier League »
Kilmarnock - St.Mirren
home team need points for championship group (top 6 teams goes in that group)

table at this moment
4.Ross County321112940:3945
5.St Johnstone321112939:3845
8.Dundee Utd32914947:5241
10.St. Mirren318101337:4834
12.Dundee FC32482020:5920

two rounds till end of regular season,Kilmarnock need win today if they want to be in top six! St.Mirren playing for nothing,they are 10th on table and cant do anything.

i would bet on home team but Kilmarnock have 3 important missings
Manuel Pascali(mf 24/3) and defender Rory McKeown(df 15/0) remain on the sidelines, while forward Paul Heffernan(att 21/9 one of top scorers) is struggling with a groin injury.

St.Mirren without Thomas Reilly(mf 9/1), David Barron(df 12/0) and Darren McGregor(df 3/1)

Finland Suomen Cup
Futura - Honka

because of bad conditions and bad weather in Futura match will be played in Honka's home on artifical grass.

Brazil » Copa do Brasil »
Naviraiense - Portuguesa 

quality on away side,but Portuguesa will use reserves!-meia-moises-fala-sobre-expectativa-da-lusa-para-a-copa-do-brasil
no infos about home team.

» Bulgarian Cup »
Slavia Sofia - Minyor Pernik over 2,5 goals @1.75 (bet365)
two teams in really good relationships,frendly clubs.
Slavia is celebrating ,club was found in 1913. Their main target is cup,but they finish the job in first leg (minyor 2-5 slavia) so now they can be relaxed.
like i said they are frendly clubs so i can expect another "fixed" match with lot of goals like in previous or away win for high odds.
Minyor need money,they are in bad financial situation,no money,no wages .. they can solve that if they fix 2 matches ... ideal time for fixing.
my main bet is over 2,5 goals but i will also try few crazy bets like:
away win (2) @8.00 (betvictor)
and 1/2 @101.00   or   2/1 @26.00

all of them for minimal stakes.

CSKA Sofia - Lok. Sofia

CSKA squad:
 12. Томас Черни, 85. Божидар Стойчев, 4. Михаил Венков, 5. Костадин Стоянов, 6. Пламен Крачунов, 7. Спас Делев, 9. Марсиньо, 10. Сержиньо, 17. Анисе, 18. Ивайло Чочев, 19. Апостол Попов, 20. Богомил Христов, 21. Венцислав Василев, 22. Мартин Камбуров, 23. Мишел Платини, 25. Ангел Грънчов, 45. Григор Долапчиев, 55. Илияс Кириакидис, 70. Игнасио Лорес, 99. Нджонго Присо.

Lok Sofia:

Litex - Levski

derby match
Levski have problems inside the club.
conflict between fans and board (staff)
away team levski also have problems with  missing players,out are: Владимир Гаджев(mf 17/1) и Йордан Милиев(df 2/0),Димитър Везалов(df 7/0) и Кристовао Рамос(mf 18/2),Станислав Ангелов(mf 17/1).
Йовов(mf 13/0) will be in team but he is in bad relationships with coach so he isnt in (plan) for starting eleven.

Levski squad
 групата на Левски:

Пламен Илиев, Михаил Иванов, Дъстли Мюлдер, Ромен Ели, Нуно Пинто, Пламен Димов, Орлин Старокин, Даниел Димов, Христо Йовов, Роман Прохазка, Рене Михелич, Стефан Велев, Радослав Цонев, Базил Де Карвальо, Жоао Силва, Гари Родригес, Илиян Йорданов, Милен Василев, Пламен Т. Илиев.