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Aluminij - Maribor
rain in slovenia. stadium full of water,pitch conditions are bad!
Maribor sure on 1st position! nobody cant touch them! Today Maribor without 6 first team players: Rajčevič(df 23/2),  best player Tavares(att 19/11 top scorer), best midifler Mezga(mf 19/5), Dodlek(mf 16/0), Milec(mf 16/1) and two new signed strikers new striker Fajić(att 4/3) and Smrekar(att 2/0),
true still quality is on Maribor side but i dont believe that they will win here with more than 1 goal difference!
Aluminij +1ah @2.5 (bet365)  FT 1-2 void

Ponte Preta - Palmerias
Palmerias miss injured: Valdivia(mf 7/1 playmaker),Wesley(mf 14/0),Vieira(mf 14/1),Amaro(df 0/0),Leite(att 7/0) and Kleber(att 4/0). Leo Gago(mf 5/0 is suspended,while Leandro(att 8/5 top scorer) is questionable. few key players like Charles(mf 5/0),Weldinho(mf 12/0),Araujo(mf 15/3) and Henrique(df 13/3) will be rested! -11 players.

Botafogo - Sao Paulo

in this case quality is on home side because Sao Paulo is without main players!

Sao Paulo with many absences today. 
Negueba(att 0/0) and best striker Luis Fabiano(att 11/8 top scorer) are injured! key midifler Jadson(mf 11/5) and important striker Osvaldo(att 8/2) are on international duty! Miranda(df 6/0),Carleto(df 9/0),Silva(df 8/1),Toloi(df 11/1) and Rogerio Ceni(first gk 11/1) will be rested!
i think that Botafogo have good chances in this match!

Kruoja - Banga 2 @2.45
DNB 2 @1.73 (ladbrokes)  
 ft 4-0 info was true but banga is simply too weak!

Kruoja in deep finacnial problems!!! All key players from last season left club.
Players are without wages long time and they dont want to train !! Key players - foreign players left club because of unpaid wages,situation in club is terrible .... players dont want to play today's match so probably coach will have to put reserves and youngsters in starting line up.
Banga is also poor team but today they will play with best possible line up,experience will be on their side,motivation also. expect away win!

Panthrakikos - OFI Crete

Panthrakikos desperate need points to escape from dangerous zone!
OFI Crete with win in last round is almost sure in staying in league! Today OFI without Zacharakis(df 20/0),Valerianos(df 1/0),Vitoros(mf 21/0),Sarr(mf 18/1), and attacking duo Koutsinaikoulis(att 27/5 ,3rd scorer) and Papazoglou(att 24/7 top scorer)
too low odds for home win no value! ....

Iskra Stai - Olimpia Balti
neutral field!
both teams in huge financial problems so i think they will fix something (but i dont know what!).

this season Olimpia play once 2/1 and once 1/2
Iskra Stal play once 2/1 , once 1/2 and two times 7+ ...
like you can see two very suspecious teams who like to fix matches!

their last match: clear 1/2.

Iskra Stal's players are demotivated! They are without wages 3 months!

i wrote few times about Olimpia Balti. Owner,director,sponsor and all first team players + foreigns LEFT CLUB ... now team is full of youngsters -almost all of them u21!
they have new coach 

info from my friend about that coach:
 they signed 5th coach of the season - Ursachi. This is very conroversial personality, very controversial...he coached a lot of teams last was Veris, was even second coach of national team but from everywhere he was sent off with big scandal. 

so after all this informations i must try here some crazy bets like
2 (away win) @4.8 (tipico)  FT 0-1 plusplusplus
over 3,5 goals @4.40 (bwin)

Spain Segunda Division
Xerez - Hercules

rumours that match is fixed for away win. Xerez already relegated,big financial problems,no money,players without wages ... Hercules in must win situation
i think that Hercules will win but no more value at this odds.

Bregalnica - Vardar 2 @2.00 (bwin)

both teams in bad form.

atmosfhere in Vardar's team is very bad!! conflict between coach and fans (Komiti).
When new coach Djidji came in Vardar team make very bad results and fans are dissapointed. Before few days Vardar play city derby match with Rabotnicki and they lost 1-2 (ht 1-0 ; ft 1-2!)

really suspecious match!! Vardar fans are talking that match is fixed ((i receive sms 30 min before start of match that Rabotnicki will win but i didnt believe in that because if Rabotnicki won Djidji will go out from club ... than i was so angry because i didnt bet :@ ))
In macedonian local bookie "SportLife" some guys saw someone from Vardar's club how he bet lot of money on 2 (away win!) ....

strange things happened in that match ... red card for Vardar's gk,penalty for Rabotnicki wathc highligts here.

now something about this match
Vardar have problems with goalkeeper position. Zahov(first gk 14/0) is injured long time,Milic(second gk 5/0) receive a red card in last match and now he is suspended. Simov(third gk 4/0) is doubtful (he train yesterday so there are big possibility to start this match)
Dragan Georgiev(att 20/4) is also injured and unavailable for this match.

Bregalnica in bad form and problems inside the club! Conflict between club's board and fans ... Fans dont understand why club have only 17 players in team and why 3 important players left club without reason ...
Bregalnica will play 8 matches without their fans ... big hendikep for them!

Vardar will won title this season.. they are in must win situation today, board like coach Djidji and they(staff) must do something today (when i say "they must to do something" i mean to fix this match) if they want to save Djidji on this function!
because if Vardar lost this match or play draw fans will make big chaos!!!!

so my pick is away win.

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