Thursday, January 31, 2013

1st February (friday infos)

January was very good month for us. 
profit: +56 units
yield: +41%

I also want to inform you that after around 8 works on this blog we decide to make a new SITE!
My designers are working on site and probably site will start with work on 01/03.

Legia - Zabki

This is 2nd match in just 2 days for Legia,yesterday they play one match with Leczna (4-0). In that match Legia have just 17 players available.. situation is same for this match
injured are Rzeźniczak(df 10/1), Choto(df 1/0), Michalak(df 0/0),Kosecki(att 14/7 ,2nd scorer) and Ljuboja(att 15/10 top scorer). coach will rotate a lot in team today.
Zabki dont have problems with absences.

Italy Serie A
Roma - Cagliari

Roma miss Balzaretti(df 19/0),Perotta(mf 7/1),Pjanic(mf 14/2),Lopez(att 2/1) and Destro(att 16/4).
Cagliari miss Ariuado(df 10/0) and Nene(3 goals).

France Ligue 1
Toulouse - PSG

Toulouse without Vidal(gk 0/0),Zebina(df 11/0) and Adbenour(df 15/1). Riveirre(att 15/4) and Sissoko(mf 19/0) left team.
PSG without Alex(df 15/0),Thiago Silva(df 15/0),Tiene(df 0/0) and Thiago motta(mf 10/1).

Germany 2 Bundesliga
Aalen - Bochum

Aalen without Aydemir(mf 4/0) and haller(mf 12/0)
Bochum without Fabian(df 0/0),Ejolfsson(df 8/0),Dabrowski(mf 7/2),Tasaka(mf 18/2),Delura9mf 5/0) and Aydin(att 5/3).

Union Berlin - Sandhausen

U.Berlin without Stuff(df 19/1),Pfertzel(df 19/1),Gohlert(df 6/0),Jopek(mf 11/3),Gallegos(att 2/0) and Silvio(att 18/1).
Sandhausen without Kittner(df 5/0),Halfar(df 7/0),Gibo(df 8/0),Shulz(df 14/0),Klotz(mf 12/1),Fiesser(mf 18/2),Dorn(att 1/1) and Riemann(att 7/0).


Holland Eerste Divisie
Veendam - Emmen

Veendam without Lohuis(mf 9/0),Menting(mf 12/1),Elsas(att 1/0) and Kastchner(att 1/0).
Emme without Shakison(df 0/0),Kunst(df 15/0),Sterk(df 0/0),Wit(mf 10/0),Groot(mf 5/0),Wrom(att 5/0) and Almeida(att 0/0).

Eindhoven - Excelsior
Eindhoven without Ospitalieri(df 11/2),Krujissen(att 2/0),Lagouireh(att 12/1),Makiavala(att 0/0),Dadda(att 9/5) and Bourdouxhe(att 11/3).
Excelsior without Smith(df 0/0),Nuytinck(mf 0/0) and Buren(att 14/5).

Telstar - Dordecht
Telstar without Sapir(df 0/0) and Isoufi(mf 17/3)
dordecht without Lima(df 17/3),kalisse(mf 13/3) and Kousemaker(mf 5/1).

Belediyespor - Kayserispor

home team without bikok(att 2/0).
kayserispor wtihout steinsson(df 9/0) and khiznashvili(df 15/0).

Besiktas - Karabukspor
Besiktas sign Mamadou Niang but he cant play today. Besiktas without Koybasi(df 0/0),Sivok(df 18/5),Hilbert(df 18/2),Kavlak(mf 18/0) and Pektemek(att 2/0).
Karabukspor without Ucar(df 3/0),Soyle(mf 5/0) and Shelton(att 10/3).

Germany Bundesliga
Werder - Hannover

Werder miss injured Wolf(gk 0/0),Barfrede(mf 6/0) and Fullkurg(df 12/1) + suspended Fritz(df 14/0) and Arnautovic(att 17/5).
Hannover without Felipe(df 3/1),radlinger(gk 0/0),Eggiman(df 19/1),new signed player Pocognoli(df 1/0),Hofmann(mf 2/0),Schulz(df 8/1),Stindl(mf 14/2),Andreasen(mf 4/2),Cherundolo(mf 15/0) and konan(att 14/2).

France Ligue 2
Le Havre - Dijon

Le Havre without Fontaine(mf 7/0),Zola(mf 18/1) and Fanchone(att 0/0)
Dijon without Yeboah(gk 0/0),Tchagouini(gk 0/0),Remy(df 10/0),Achour(mf 1/0),Thil(att 4/1),Courgnaud(att 0/0) and Tavares(att 10/6 top scorer). Caceres(att 17/5,2nd scorer) left team.

Caen - NimesCaen without Wague(df 10/2),Seube(df 20/0),Lazarevic(df 0/0),Kebano(mf 9/1),Tanida(mf 0/0),Agouazi(mf 16/2) and Lecca(mf 3/0).
Nimes without Parpeix(df 14/0),Correze(mf 0/0) and Amewou(mf 18/0).

Guingamp - NiortGuingamp without Samassa(first gk 19/0),Camara(df 3/1),Cedan(df 15/1) and Leveque(df 0/0).
Niort without Delecroix(gk 1/0),Courtot(df 0/0),Bachalier(df 0/0),Lahaye(df 7/0) and Diaw(mf 19/2).

Sedan - ClermontSedan without Rame(first gk 14/0),Traore(df 12/0),Dembele(df 0/0),Marcq(mf 16/0),Yahia(mf 5/0),Reset(att 12/0) and Diallo(att 17/3)
Clermont without Esor(mf 15/0).

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