Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Cup matches

Italy » Coppa Italia »
Fiorentina - Roma

Fiorentina lost their last match in league with Udinese (but that was 3for3 match i wrote about that ). Fiorentina have quality team and high ambitions this season. For this match Fiorentina will be without injured Cassani(df 8/0),Hegazi(df 1/0),new signed player Guissepe Rossi(att 0/0) and Hamdaui(att 12/3 he is on AFCON). Fiorentina wont rotate in team so they will field best possible line up today!
Roma have big problems in attacking line up for this match! Totti(att 18/6 ,2nd scorer) and Osvaldo(att 14/10 top scorer) are injured,while Lamela(att 16/10 top scorer) and Lopez(att 2/1) arent in squad for this match.Perrota(mf 6/0) and Marquinho(mf 13/0) also unavailable.

I think that Fiorentina have more chacnes for win in this match ...

France » Coupe de Ligue »
Stade Rennais - Montpellier
Montpellier have lot of absents for this match,injured are: Sabouli(df 10/0),Bocaly(df 7/0),Saihi(mf 10/0),Estrada(mf 13/2),Marveaux(mf 5/0) and Fana(att 7/0). Jeunechamp(df 7/0) is suspended,while Kaoutari(df 8/0) and key midifler Belhanda(mf 17/6) are on international duty.
Home team dont have some imporntat missings Boye(df 14/0) and Diarra(att 6/1) on international duty,2 players injured but not important.

Belgium » Cofidis Cup »
Anderlecht - Gent
Anderlecht probably will be without captain and playmaker Biglia(mf 21/3) who is leaving team,he didnt train with Anderlecht and isnt called for this match. Mbokani(att 15/15 top scorer) is on AFCON,Vargas(mf 7/2) and Kouyate(mf 16/1) are injured,Gillet(mf 21/3) is suspended. few important missings in home team but Anderlecht have long bench and lot of quality players.
Gent dont have missing worries,but coach decide to rest some of his key players,few youngsters will get chance in this match. Rested will be: Padt(first gk 22/0),Mareval(df 12/0),Nahayo(df 12/0),Cendros(df 8/0),Diaye(mf 18/2),Messoudi(mf 12/0) and Abreitman(att 10/2). important midifler Remacle(mf 18/2) left team.

Shakhtar - Zamalek 1 @1.25  
FT 3-2

quality on Shakhtar's side.
Zamalek is team from Egypt,you all know that there were some incidents in Egypt on one football match and league was postponed (something like that),so Zamalek play just frendly matches and few matches in CAF (that was before 3 months). Zamalek today will have many youngsters in starting line up

new signed striker A.Cisse(att 13/8) wont play today. Injured are: Said Kotta(mf 1/0),Magdy and Genesh are injured. important striker Omotoyossi(att 10/4) and Montaumo stay in Egypt (didnt travel with rest of team).
Salah(df 13/0),Gaber(mf 10/0),Ibrahim(mf 6/0) and few others play for Egypt's national football team before few days (vs Ivory Coast) ..
Shakhtar maybe will rotate team but i think they should win this match easily.

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