Thursday, January 24, 2013


Freidnly match
Dnipro - Rapid Buchurest
Dnipro -1,25ah @1.8 (bet365)

huge quality diference.

I wrote about Dnipro before few days,they are quality team with high ambitions,currently 3rd best team in league (after Shakhtar and Dynamo Kiev) but they have ambitions for 2nd place in league .. no important missings in this match

Rapid Buchurest have huge finacnial problems! Of course many players left team because of that reason
Club leave: Glabur(df 12/0),Surdu(att 9/0),Teixeira(mf 15/2),Duarte(df 6/0)Apostol(mf 10/0),Burca(df 5/0),Bilasco(att 4/0),Goga(mf 14/2),Pavlovic(mf 9/0) and Milisavljevic(mf 18/1).

River Plate - Racing Club 

Racing +0ah @1.72 (12bet;dafabet)

River Plate with reserves

River line up: Chichizola(third gk 0/0), G. Pirez, Silguero(df 0/0), Espíndola L., Abecasis(df 3/0), Cirigliano(mf 15/0), Acevedo(mf 0/0), Rojas(mf 13/0), Lanzini(mf 11/3), Villalva(att 9/1) y Luna(att 9/1) >>

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