Monday, January 21, 2013

3for3 22/01

England League One
Brentford - Leyton Orient 1 @1.75 (188bet ; bet365)

#2 pick: 2/1 (ht/ft Leyton/Brentford) @ 30.00 (tipico) -for small stakes

Brentford have ambitions for promotion play off. on home ground Brentford is playing very good 8w-3d-2l
Leyton's target is to stay in league.

h2h very suspecious,
Head-to-head: Brentford - Leyton Orient
League One 2012/2013
Leyton OrientBrentford1:02.963.252.3113.09.2012
League One 2011/2012
Leyton OrientBrentford2:02.993.202.3017.03.2012
BrentfordLeyton Orient5:01.983.263.7120.08.2011
League One 2010/2011
BrentfordLeyton Orient2:12.543.242.6219.03.2011
Leyton OrientBrentford1:02.323.242.9224.09.2010
League One 2009/2010
BrentfordLeyton Orient1:01.933.323.7827.03.2010
Leyton OrientBrentford2:12.633.242.5217.10.2009

Leyton already get their points this season,so now it is time for Brentford's win + they need points here to stay in fight for top places.

referee will be Paul Tierney


P. Tierney
I. Rathbone
D. Robathan
Fourth official:
P. Kelly

Paul Tierney is suspecious referee for me,now you will see why
-- -he was main referee on this match , 2/1 (ht/ft) clear fixed.
-- -he was fourth official referee on this match, 2/1 (goal in 45+1 min) ...
-- -he was main referee on this match, 1/2 (ht 1-0 ;ft 1-3) clear fixed.

also he was referee on one of their mutual matches ft 2-0 ,nothing suspcious. here u can read about ambitions to all teams from League One. 

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