Thursday, November 22, 2012

3for3 ?? worth to try

Cerro Porteno - Independiente 2 @13.01 (pinnacle)

stake: 1/10 minimal stake
quality and form on home side but this pick is based on h2h.

if it is corporation Independiente should won this.
They are last on table and desperate need points and win
Head-to-head: Cerro Porteno - Independiente
Primera Division 2012     
IndependienteCerro Porteno0:14.813.581.6202.09.2012
Cerro PortenoIndependiente1:21.384.256.9006.05.2012
IndependienteCerro Porteno1:45.353.561.5626.02.2012
Primera Division 2011     
IndependienteCerro Porteno1:
Cerro PortenoIndependiente0:11.523.545.7314.08.2011

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