Friday, November 16, 2012


Bangor - Airbus
Airbus today will use 3rd gk because Champan(first gk 11/0) and Mulliner(second gk 0/0) are unavailable.
info from mrgol

Germany Regionalliga Bayer
Memmingen - Buchbach;2
pick: Buchbach -0,25ah @1.80 (dafabet)

Memmingen with missing problems in team,out are: Bader(df 18/1),Decker(df 6/0),Holzapfel(df 18/2),Hodzic(mf 7/1),Kahric(mf 11/1),Zobel(mf 12/1),Wassermann(df 13/0),Nikolic(mf 3/0),Heger(mf 14/1),Friedrich(att 4/1) and Bock(att 17/2) have quality players
for me they are big favourites in this match + now Memingen have problems with missing problems so i see value on this bet.


Austria Erste Liga

Kapfenberg - Grodig
Kapfenberg have 3 lost matches in a row. After relegation they sold all best players so now team is much weaker. Grodig is 3rd on table,team with high ambitions,they want promotion ..
Kapfenberg without Pitter(df 3/0),Burgstaller(df 12/0),Barragan(df 8/0) and Kujic(att 11/2)
Grodig miss only long term injured Schartner(gk 0/0).

First Vienna - Horn
First Vienna without Kropfl(df 0/0) and Dospfel(df 7/0)
Horn without Petermann(second gk 1/0),Osoinik(df 1/1) and suspended striker Zulechner(att 13/5 top scorer).

England League Two
Barnet - Accrington
Barnet is last on table,but they made few good results in last matches (last 5 matches 3w-1d-1l). Accrington is average team.
Barnet without O'Brien(first gk 3/0) and Kabba(att 0/0). doubtful are midiflers Oster(mf 11/1) and Holmes(mf 12/2).
Accrington have full squad available,before few days they bring one very quality experienced striker James Beattie.

Czech Gamrbinus Liga
Jihlava - Ceske Budejovice dnb2 @2.15 (bah)
stake: 3/10 (free insider)

Jihlava is in bad form,they have problems with missing players in last matches and that is the reason for bad results.. Today they also have problems with injuries and suspensions ...
Injured are Gabriel(df 0/0),Masopust(mf 14/0),best midifler Kolousek(mf 10/3 ,2nd scorer),Mesanovic(mf 11/0) and best player Tecl(att 11/10 top scorer).  Jungr(mf 13/1) is suspended.
5 first team players are out (3 of them very important - Jungr,Kolousek and Tecl who score 14 goals,while Jihlava have scored total 20 goals ....)
Ceske Budejovice have back 3 important players and today coach have full available squad. They have 2 wins in a row and atmpohsfere in team is better now.

quality and form on away side (also experience is on away side because Jihlava is newcomer in Gambrinus Liga).

Italy Serie B
Verona - Cesena
both teams probably without top scorers
Verona have really strong team,their target is promotion. They have quality players with Serie A and Serie B experience. On home ground they are very good 5w-2d-0l. They are in good form also (in last 6 matches 5 wins and 1 draw).
Cesena relegate from Serie A and all best players left team because they dont want to play in lower league. They are worst away team 0w-2d-4l.

atmposfere in home team is great but today they miss best player Cacia(att 13/10 top scorer) suspended.
while Injured are Pugliese(df 0/0),Fatic(df 3/0),Bacinovic(mf 5/1) and calvano(mf 0/0).

Cesena have problems with missing players. Injured are Favali(df 2/0),Bamonte(df 2/0),Tonuci(df 8/0),Turchetta(mf 1/0),Colucci(mf 0/0),Parfait(mf 7/0) and Forte(mf 0/0). Suspended is Comotto(df 12/2).
doubtful are important midifler Alessandro(mf 13/0) and Graffedi(att 13/3 top scorer)

Hungary NB I
Lombard Papa - DVTK
Lombard Papa is 14th on table,near to relegation zone. They need points if they want to escape from there.
If DVTK lost this match coach will be sacked,there will be lot of DVTK's fans. On away ground they are still without win 0w-3d-3l but today with fans help and huge motivation they should win,only problem is missing playersm,out are Rybanski(first gk 12/0),Rakaczki(second gk 0/0),Rakovic(df 6/0),Luque(mf 9/2 ,one of top scorers),Abdouraman(mf 11/0),Bogati(mf 1/0) and Seydi(att 11/2 ,one of top scorers). also before few days they play match in Hungary Cup ...

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