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Norway Tippeligaen
Stromsgodset - Stabaek over 5,5 goals @7.00
small stakes

everything is on home side here but if we look h2h its time for away win
but i will go with over 5,5 goals @7.00
It should be 2 but Stabaek is already relegate they will need money in 2nd division so ideal time for fixing,Stromsgodset play lot of suspecious ht/ft matches this season,they are very suspecious team who like to fix matches so i must try this bet. GL
Head-to-head: Stromsgodset - Stabaek
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Brazil Campeonatoa Brasiliero A
Atletico Mineiro - Atletico GOAtletico Mineiro -2ah @2.46 (pinnacle)
best home team vs second worst away team

quality,form,motivation,experience and everything is on home side.
3 rounds till the end of season,Atletico GO is playing for nothing,they are last on table already relegate,no motivation,coach rotate team a lot.
Atletico Mineiro is best home team 13w-4d-0l (still without lost) they are fighting for 2nd place,must win matches like this!
no important missings in home team
Atletico GO miss 12 players,out are Marcos(df 17/1),Cruz(df 4/0),Renie(df 24/2),Eron(df 24/1),Gustavo(df 19/0),Joilson(mf 21/2),Bida(mf 11/1),Primenta(mf 0/0),Brisola(mf 0/0),Felipe(att 16/3 top scorer) and Bueno(att 14/2)

Bahia - Ponte Preta
Bahia desperate need win if they want to avoid relegation. Injured in Bahia's team are: avine(df 9/0),MOrais(df 28/0),Lulinha(mf 22/0) and Jeferson(mf 1/0) + 4 other are suspended.
Ponte Preta is playing for nothing,they avoid relegation and now coach can rotate team and give chance to players who didnt play much this season. Marcinho(mf 29/3) is injured
home win ,odds around 1.90 .
quality on away side,motivation and h2h on home side

Belgium Jupiler
Anderlecht - Kortrijk
quality and form on home side.
Anderlecht is best team in Belgium,they have money,players,good coach! Their target is title of course.
Kortrijk 3rd best away team,today have some problems with injuries. Injured are Ragolle(df 0/0),carevic(mf 0/0),Matton(mf 5/1) and best striker Chavaria(Att 15/4 ,2nd scorer). while important midifler Pavlovic(mf 15/1) is suspended.

Lokeren - Beerschot
Lokeren have 5 wins in a row,atmposfere in team is good. De Pauw(att 9/2) is injured
Beershout in last 6 matches have just 1 win and 5 lost matches ... today without Stinjen(first gk 13/0),Wuytens(df 0/0),Mawuena(mf 0/0),Dayan(att 0/0) and best player Losada(mf 15/4 top scorer).
without Losada who is main player in away team Beerschot isnt same team!

Vienna Capitals - KAC 1 @1.75
odds for home win start to drop, reason:
KAC have various missing players,10 players are unavailable
OUT ARE: Koch(fw 17/7),Spuregon(fw 17/6),Siklenka(df 6/0),Geier(fw 19/5),Harrand(fw 16/0),Issop(df 12/0),Hager(df 4/0),Hundetpfund(fw 18/4),Herburger(fw 10/0) and Ratz(df 14/0).
Vienna is one of strongest teams in league,2nd best home team,no important missings in team.
expect home win.

Germany Bundesliga
Hoffenheim - Wolfsburg
usually in their mutual matches we see lot of goals also home team have many defenders unavailable
Hoffenheim miss Vukcevic(mf 5/1),important defender Compper(df 11/0),brazilian Chirs(df 0/0),Thesker(df 0/0),Jaissle(df 0/0) and Vestergaard(df 3/0)
Werder without Helmes(att 0/0) and Pilar(mf 0/0)

Basketball Austria
Traiskirchen - Kapfenberg, pick Kapfenberg -13,5ah
Traiskirchen is worst team in league. They are last on table with 0 points and lost all 6 matches. In all 6 matches they lost with 12 or more point diference... very very bad. in last round Oberwart 90-58 Traiskirchen (while Oberwart 65-85 Kapfenberg) ... HUGE QUALITY DIFERENCE
Kapfenberg is one of strong teams in Austria's basketball league now they have little problem with form 2 lost matches in a row on home ground but that is the reason why they must win today!
+ Traiskirchen miss 3 players,out are Diesner(2,3 ppg),Knoppel(3,8 ppg) and Wilk. doubtful are Sturm(2,8 ppg) and Bortoli( 10 ppg) -both probably out.

last their match
Kapfenberg 83-69 Traiskirchen

Czehch Gambrinus
Sigma - Jablonec
Sigma have league top scorer Ordos(mf 14/12). Jablonec have 2nd league top scorer Lafata(att 14/10) this will be interested match with lot of goals.. + Jablonec miss Spit(first gk 7/0) suspended


Sileks - Napredok 1 @1.91 (bet365)
Sileks is big name in macedonian football,they cant relegate in 2nd division! Their owner "Dzingo" is suspecious man,Sileks will be in 1st league till Dzingo is alive! Sileks dont have players but they have money and Dzingo can buy every match when they need points (they won champion vardar 1-0 ...)
Napredok nothing special,one average team. They are tipical home team,most of points they won on home ground,on away 1w-1d-5l . + today miss 4 regular first team players
Sileks need points ,napredok bad on away ground and without 4 players,clear home win.

Greece SuperLiga
Xanthi - Panthrakikos 1 @2.00
Panthrakikos is bad on away ground 1w-0d-4l ... they are weak team and probably next season will be back in 2nd division. Sarakatasnos(df 8/0) is injured.
Xanthi is solid team,today back are 4 important players Viviani(first gk),Marin(mf 6/0),Plaetanas(mf 7/0) and brazilian Marcelinho(mf 9/0)

Armenia Premier League
Banats - Pyunik
h2h,quality and form on away side!
Banats is last on table,they are in very bad form,16 matches without a win ...
Pyunik have chances for top 3 places (europe league) that is their target,they must win matches like this if they want to play in europe next year.

San Martin - Tigre
Tigre is very bad in Primera Division,they are without win 14 matches (7d-7l). For 4 days they play very important match in Copa Sudamerican (semi final match).. so I think that Tigre today will use mixed squad.

Scotland Premier League
Inverness - Motherwell links for previews,interviews,missing players etc.

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