Tuesday, November 20, 2012

tuesday betting infos

England League Two
Barnet - Oxford
Barnet is weak team who will fight to avoid relegation. Today without O'Brien(first gk 3/0),Kabba(att 0/0) and Davids(mf 6/0). Oster(mf 11/1) is doubtful
Oxford is 2nd worst away team (2w-0d-7l),today have problems in attacking line up Smalley(att 10/3 ,3rd scorer) and Craddock(att 17/9 top scorer) are injured. while Cox(mf 10/0) is suspended.

Rotherham - Wycombe
both teams have many injured players
In Rotherham's team injured are: Shearer(first gk 11/0),Tonge(df 7/0),Morgan(df 13/0),Ainsworth(mf 10/0),Arnason(mf 10/1),Rose(mf 2/0),Noble(mf 6/0) and Agard(att 10/1)
In Wycombe's team injured are: Doherty(df 14/1),Basey(df 3/0),Stewart(df 6/0),Bloomfield(mf 2/1),Spring(mf 14/0) and Kuffour(att  11/0)

Fleetwood - Accrington
Fleetwood have problems in attack,3 strikers are unavailable. Parkin(att 11/4 ,2nd scorer),Mangan(att 7/2 ,4th scorer) and Gillepsie(att 14/4 ,2nd scorer) are injured.
Accrington have full squad available

Croatian Cup
Zadar - Slaven Belupo

this two teams met each other just before 10 days and in that match Zadar was better (zadar 1-0 slaven)
Zadar's coach Milin said that there will be some rotations in their team,for first time on goal will be young Jezina.
In last match in league Slaven won Zagreb and coach was very pleased with type of playing,they create many chances and control the match whole the time.
Curjicic(mf 10/3) is unavailable for Zadar
Slaven miss Vugrinec(att 12/8 top scorer),Baterlo(mf 12/1),Rak(mf 7/3 ,2nd scorer) and Pilipovic(df 7/0)

Zadar line up: Ježina, Sarić, Jerbić, Prahić, Bilaver, Begonja, Heister, Banović, Mršić, Ivančić, Perica
Slaven line up: Rodić, Purić, Kokalović, Grgić. Maras, Geng, Gregurina, Glavica, Čanađija, Delić, Bušić

GOSK Dubrovnik - Lokomotiva
quality on away side.
Dubrovnik is team from 3rd league. After 14 rounds they are 11th on table,in history Dubrovnik was strong team who was always playing in 2nd league and have high ambitions but now nothing from them ... (no info about their squad.)
Lokomotiva is team from 1 NHL,they are young perspective boys (2nd Dinamo's team) Dinamo send their young players in Lokomotiva. today Loko without Mihajlevic(att 0/0),Skvorc(mf 3/0) and Mrzljak(df 9/0)
Loko with strong line up!!!
Lokomotiva line up: Picak, Boras, Barbarić, Mesarić, Bručić, Maleš, Šitum, Chago, Antolić, Zakarić, Kramarić

Slovakia 1 Liga
Dukla Banska Bystrica - Ruzomberok

this match should be played before 3 days but because one young boy who was playing for Dukla U15 team die match was postponed ... There will be lot of emotions on stadium today.
Dukla miss Luptak(mf 0/0)
Ruzomberok miss Kotora(mf 8/0) and Varvik(mf 0/0)

Handball SEHA liga
Metalurg Skopje - Izvidac

My favourite handball team Metalurg have hard match before 2 days in Champions League with Kielce,so today coach Lino Cervar probably will rest key players!! (In every match till now in SEHA liga Lino play with mixed team,i expect the same tonight)
Mojsovski will be rested for sure,Vugrinec and Mirkulovski will be on bench.

(later more infos)

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