Saturday, November 10, 2012

suspecious match

Northern Ireland
Lisburn - Coleraine
last season they fix 3 matches (all 2/1 or 1/2!!)

Coleraine today without best midifler Lowry(mf 14/4 ,2nd scorer),Ogilby(df 10/2),Scullion(att 5/1) and Owens(att 11/3 ,3rd scorer).

Brazil Campeonato A
Atletico GO - Santos

Atletico GO is last on table,for sure will relegate! Players are totaly demotivated ,they dont want to play.. 4 lost matches in a row without scored goal ...
today Atletico without Leonardo(df 0/0),Marcos(df 17/1),Cruz(df 3/0,Joilson(mf 19/2),Bida(mf 11/0),Brisola(mf 0/0),Pimenta(mf 0/0),Wesley(att 19/2) and Felipe(att 14/3 top scorer)

Santos miss 8 players but most of them are long term injured... only new missing is Juan(df 14/0)
quality,motivation,form on away side

La Serena - Palestino

last round
La Serena is worst team  in league,last on table with just 11 points....
Palestino is 2nd placed and they need win if they want to be 1st on table

huge quality diference
(later i will try to find info about missing players)

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