Thursday, November 29, 2012

bolivia possible corporating between teams

Bolivar - San Jose

In 2010 they play 10 for 10 (San Jose won 3 matches,Bolivar won 3 matches and 1 draw).
In 2011 they play 3 for 3 ( San Jose won 1 match,Bolivar won 1 match)
In 2011/12 they play 4for4 (both with 1 win and 2 draws.
Now in 2012/13 start with home win (and that match was very suspecious,many bookies block that match) and at the end of match ... 2/1 (0-1 ht ; ft 2-1)

Also they have one frendly match between them 7+
Head-to-head: Bolivar - San Jose
Liga de Futbol Prof 2012/2013
San JoseBolivar2:
Liga de Futbol Prof 2011/2012
San JoseBolivar3:01.593.615.0022.04.2012
BolivarSan Jose2:01.613.504.8426.02.2012
BolivarSan Jose0:01.573.615.0424.11.2011
San JoseBolivar0:02.533.212.4725.09.2011
Liga de Futbol Prof 2011
BolivarSan Jose3:21.453.836.0224.04.2011
San JoseBolivar3:
Liga de Futbol Prof 2010
San JoseBolivar0:11.753.423.8914.11.2010
BolivarSan Jose0:01.344.297.1212.09.2010
BolivarSan Jose1:21.693.394.4508.07.2010
BolivarSan Jose5:11.543.605.3304.07.2010
San JoseBolivar1:01.713.384.3002.07.2010
San JoseBolivar4:
BolivarSan Jose1:01.563.535.3313.05.2010

Blooming - Nacional Potosi 2 @ 3.80 (betvictor)

before 1 month i wrote about this match ... In those match we bet on home team,but Blooming won ... so i think now its time for away win

Head-to-head: Blooming - Nacional Potosí
Liga de Futbol Prof 2012/2013
Nacional PotosíBlooming0:11.394.216.7413.09.2012
Liga de Futbol Prof 2011/2012
Nacional PotosíBlooming3:11.763.324.1822.04.2012
BloomingNacional Potosí2:01.823.353.8426.02.2012
Liga de Futbol Prof 2011
Nacional PotosíBlooming3:11.473.695.9917.04.2011
BloomingNacional Potosí1:01.433.976.0623.01.2011
Liga de Futbol Prof 2009
BloomingNacional Potosí2:11.633.464.7014.09.2009
Nacional PotosíBlooming2:01.703.414.1308.08.2009
BloomingNacional Potosí2:
Nacional PotosíBlooming2:008.02.2009

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