Tuesday, November 13, 2012

England FA Cup & Hungarian Cup

http://cheguevarapicks.blogspot.com/p/strong-insiders.html new free insider is posted,after 4 lost insiders in a row i hope this one will be won.

Kecskemeti - MTK
MTK will use reserves because first team have hard match for 4 days vs strong Debrecen,their second team MTK II's players are also tired ,so coach will must field many youngsters.
home win
Hungarian Cup
Siofok - Pesci
Pesci's coach today will give chance to some youngsters in first line up!
Siofok also with mixed team because their main target is league.

DVTK - Debrecen
Debrecen lost last 2 matches,bad form.. Cup isnt important for them,before just 2 days they play hard league match! today coach will reserves (only 3 first team players)
DVTK without Rybanski(first gk 11/0),Seydi(att 11/2),Rakovica(df 6/0),Luque(mf 9/2),Elek Akos(mf 13/1),Mohamedou(mf 11/0) and Basca(att 14/2).

England FA Cup
Walsall - Lincoln

quality is on home side,but Walsall have problems with absencs and they are in bad form! Today Walsall miss Manton(df 1/0),Taylor(df 12/0),Parkiss(df 12/0),Cuveiler(mf 15/2) and Grigg(att 15/3 top scorer)

Bradford - Northampton
Bradford with mixed team! Coach must rest some of his key players because they are tired.. this will be their 6th match in just 16 days ... its too much! important striker Hanson(att 10//4 ,2nd scorer) is doubtful but probably wont play. Egan and Forsyth are unavailable
Northampton miss importatn striker Nicchols(att 15/7 ,2nd scorer) and Harding(mf 7/0).

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