Wednesday, August 29, 2012

29/09 betting usefull infos

Norway Addecoligaen
Tromsdalen - Kongsvinger

dont know what is happening with Tromsdalen after few good results now they have 6 lost matches in a row. No important missings in home team.
Kongsvinger won 3 of last 4 matches. Kongsvinger today without second gk Valderhaug(gk 3/0),Shindika(df 14/1),Hamzic(Df 0/0) and Fazlagic(df 14/2).

Brazil Campeonato Brasiliero Serie A
Santos - Bahia

After bad form because many players were out now Santos is back! They won 4 of last 5 matches. Tonight only important missings are defenders Fucile(long term injured) and Edu Darcena(df 6/2).
Bahia have new coach. On away ground 2w-2d-5l .. today without first gk Lomba(gk 18/0),Avine(df 9/0),Coelho(df 0/0),Kleberson(mf 6/1),Fabinho(mf 18/0) and Elias(att 4/1).

Gremio - Vasco 
3rd placed Gremio vs 4th placed Vasco.
Gremio is great this season on home groud 7w-0d-2l ,most of points they won on home ground, they are 2nd best home team. today without Aurelio(df 0/0),Ewerton(df 8/0),Wilson(df 13/1),Silva(mf 17/0) and Elano(mf 11/2).
dont understand why is Vasco here so big outsider,odds for away win are 5.10 ... today Vasco without Rodolfo(df 6/1),Bastos(mf 14/1) and best midifler Juninho(mf 16/4 ,2nd scoer. ex Lyon player).

Coritiba - Internacional
Coritiba without: Mendes(df 13/2),Emerson(df 10/2),Jackson(df 0/0),Cleiton(df 0/0),Manoel(mf 9/0),Primao(mf 6/0),Riberio(mf 13/2),Roberto(att 11/1),Levandro(att 6/3),Costa(att 12/2) and best striker Keirrson (long term injujred)
quality on away side but they miss 3 regular players!
Inter without: playmaker D Alessandro(mf 8/1),Datolo(mf 5/1) and Dagoberto(att 11/4 top scorer). + new signing Forlan(att 5/0) is out of form,while best midifler Oscar left team.

Finland Ykkonen
Rovaniemi - KooTeePee

Rovaniemi best team in league they are 1st on table, in great form 5 wins in a row. Still without lost in league matches 17w-4d-0l (only 9 conceded goals). Rovaniemi is new promoted side no doubt,they have 19 points more than 2nd placed Pk 35 ... only problem today  for Rovaniemi is missing of 2nd scorer Lehtinen(att 19/11) he is out for today match.
KooTeePee is fighting to avoid relegation. Today without american striker Wheeler(att 14/2).
last season Rovaniemi won both games
3-1 and 0-3.

SJK - PK 35 Vantaa
derby match.
3rd placed SJK vs 2nd placed Vantaa.
SJK is very strong team they have alot of quality players and very much money (something like Man City in England) their target was promotion but Rovaniemi is simpe too strong ... So now their target is 2nd place. Today SJK without Sipila(mf 19/3),Moose(mf 18/1),Penninkangas(att 0/0) and best player Toni Lehtinen(att 16/8 top scorer).
PK 35 Vantaa is also fighting for 2nd place,SJK in normal case is big favourite here but without Sipila,Moose and Lehtinen they arent so strong like usually so they arent big favourites here. PK 35 without Raimi(df 11/5),Orvainen(mf 11/2) and best player Wecsktrom(mf 16/6)

(later maybe i will post MLS infos,Champions League line ups and some pick)

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