Friday, August 31, 2012

friday infos

yesterday i have problems with internet connection and i cant post any info or insider :@ now i see that i miss some good matches with strong infos like Dep Quito and many others ....
here are some usefull infos for today ,later some strong insiders!

Hungary NB I
Pesci - Kecskemesti
Pesci without Panikvar(df 0/0),Zeljkovic(mf 5/1),Bajzat(att 4/0)
Kecskemesti without Antal(gk 1/0) and Gyagya(df 0/0)

Honved - MTK Budapest
Honved without Kemenes(gk 3/0),Novak(df 0/0)
MTK without Wolfe(df 5/1) and Kis(df 2/0)

Turkey Superliga
Mersin - Eskisehirspor
Mersin miss only Tozlu(att 0/0), doubtful are Sarp(mf 1/0) and Yattara(mf 2/0)
away team without Caskun(df 0/0) and Hurriyet(mf 2/0)

Holland Eredivisie
Ado Den Haag - Groningen

ADO without Horvath(df 1/0) and Leeuwen(df 0/0)
Groningen miss only Ajilore(mf 1/0)

Holland Jupiler League
Almere - FC Oss

i wrote already that FC Oss have big problems in squad,they have very young and weak team,many important players left team and now team is full of youngsters. + today out is important defender Muyen(df 2/0)
home team is favourite but today out are 4 important players ,first gk Gentenaar(gk 4/0),Keller(df 2/0),Lillipaly(mf 3/0) and Beekmans(mf 2/0).

Volendam - Eindhoven
Volendam without Kuwas(att 3/0)
Eindhoven without Makiawala(att 0/0)

Emmen - Sparta Rotterdam
both teams miss many players
Emmen without Bakkati(df 1/0),Shakison(df 0/0),Sterk(df 0/0),Poelstra(df 0/0),MRavec(mf 1/0) and last season top scorer Heide(att 1/0)
Sparta without Huizen(df 0/0),Vries(df 0/0),Bujis(mf 3/0),Bujiner(mf 0/0) and Hout(att 0/0)

AGOOV - De Graafshap

De Graafshap last season relegate and now they want to back in 1st league fastest possible. They have quality and strong squad. AGOOV last season was very bad.
AGOOV wihtout Thomassen(df 0/0)
away team without Meulen(df 2/0),Meijer(mf 3/0) and Hulst(att 2/0)

Finland Veikkausliiga
Lahti - Honka

two teams who have almost same quality. but today Lahti have problems in squad,they miss a few important players.
Lahti without Grossomichen(df 11/0),Hukka(df 4/0),Veltheim(mf 9/0),Kari(att 9/4 one of top scorers) and Kempinnen(att 0/0). They have very small roster and because today missings they will have only 5 players on bench(7 are allowed).
away team dont have missing problems.

Austria Eerste Liga
Grodig - Kapfenberg

home team is big favourite here,they are one of the main candidate for promotion.
Kapfenberg is in very bad form,very bad atmphosfere in club,last season they relegate from 1st league and  many important players left team.+ today out are Pitter(Df 4/0),Golner(df 1/0),Wolf(mf 1/0),Csobadi(mf 3/0).

Altach - Hartberg
both teams have 9 pts.
Altach is main candidate for promotion but have a lot of missing players in start of new season. Today out are Schopf(mf 23/0),Scherrer(mf 29/0),last season top scorer Correa(att 30/14),B rander(gk 0/0),Netzer(mf 5/3 ,2nd scorer),Cuntz(mf 6/0),

Ukraine Premier League
Zakrapattia - Tavirya

Zakrapattia is newcomer in league,i watch them few times they play very bad. Today without 3 regular players,out are Grynchenko(df 3/0),Jakobia(att 0/0) and Raicevic(mf 7/1).

Sweden Allsvenskan
Hacken - Atvidaberg

big problems for away team!
Hacken is  3rd on table,they made great results this season. They won 5 of last 6 matches (5w-1d).
Atvidaberg is very bad on away ground 1w-5d-4l, today without Karlsson(mf 2/0),Zhubi(mf 15/2),Olle(mf 7/0) and 2nd scorer Eriksson(att 17/11 ,2nd scorer).
first match Atvidaberg 0-3 Hacken

Orebro - Djurgarden
Orebro without Haginge(df 17/0),Wirtanen(df 10/0),Ibrahim(mf 2/0),Samuelsson(att 6/0),haddaD(att 3/0) and Atashkadeh(att 12/5)
Djurgarden without Ceesey(df 10/0),Ridez(df 2/0),Pedersen(df 11/1),Broberg(mf 5/1),Mikkelsen(mf 20/1) and Santos(att 14/3)

Germany Bundesliga 2
1860 Munchen - Duisburg 1 @1.60 (bet at home ,william hil)
stake: 7/10
FT 3-0 pick won +4,2 units

Duisburg is playing very very bad,i watch them few times very bad performances!!
today without 9 players!! out are

Defense00 3
Defense00 3
Midfielder00 3
Midfielder00 3
Defense00 3
Defense20 1
da Silva 
Midfielder20 1
Midfielder20 0
Midfielder30 0

no vip pick today,we made good profit this month,tomorrow in new month we start again with strong insiders. cheers

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