Wednesday, August 22, 2012

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Russia U20 (w) - Turkey U20 (w)
pick: Russia @1.65

Turkey are sure on 1st place so coach probably will rest key players and give chance to those players who didnt play much on this tournament.
Russia need win to qualify in next round

Colombian Cup
Dep Pasto - Once Caldas

Pasto today will mix squad. Jimenez(att 28/11 top scorer),Rosero(mf 23/0),Giraldo(mf 28/0),Mosquera(df 28/1) and Rendon(mf 12/5) wont play for Pasto tonight,they arent called! while Zapata(mf 29/7 ,2nd scorer),Rodriguez(mf 27/2) and Garcia(df 26/3) will be on bench!

Dep Pasto probable starting 11: José Cuadrado(first gk 29/0), Fausto Obeso(df 1/0), Harvey Díaz(df 5/1), Wilson Galeano(df 19/0), John Montaño(df 17/3); Eder Rúales(mf 10/0),Cordoba(mf 2/0);Oscar Méndez(mf 10/0), Juan Sebastián Villota(mf17/0), Ayron del Valle(att 1/0) y Wilmer Parra Cadena.

Once Caldas lost first game (Caldas 0-1 Pasto). Caldas will mix squad today,many youngsters will get chance. Acosta(df 15/1),Ramos(df 20/0),Gonzels(mf 17/3) and Reinoso(att 13/1) will be rested.
Caldas probable starting 11: Jhon Jairo Rincón(gk 4/0), Hárold Gómez(df 0/0), Luis Miguel Vergara(df 7/0), David Álvarez(df 15/0 ,19years), Diego Copete, Silvio Arango(mf 0/0), Jéferson Angulo(mf 1/0), Santiago Loaiza, Clemente Palacios(att 3/0 ,18years), Carlos Rivas(att 7/0 ,18years) y Sergio Romero(att 4/1).

Deportes Tolima - Itagui
first match Itagui 4-1 Tolima

Tolima:   . . .

Itagui finish the job on home ground so today they can relax. Coach will mix squad.
Arboleda(df 25/1),Correa(df 21/0),Vasquez(mf 24/1),Alzate(mf 24/7 ,2nd scorer),Fano(att 4/4 ,3rd scorer),Mena(att 22/3) and Viafara(att 24/10 top scorer) will be rested.

Itagui: Robinson Zapata(gk 34/0); Marlon Piedrahita(df 15/1), Javier López(df 25/1), Samuel Vanegas(df 10/1), Fabio Rodríguez(df 4/0); Mauricio Restrepo(mf4/0), Mauricio Gómez(mf 16/2), Anderson Zapata(mf 26/1), David Córdoba(mf 19/1); Jorge Aguirre(att 17/1) y Luis Páez(att 2/0).
Emergentes/reserves: Kevin Piedrahita(gk 2/0); Daniel Arango(mf 2/0), Andrés Ricaurte(mf1/0) y Juan David Rodríguez Rico.

Chico - Deportivo Cali 1 @1.76(sbobet)
Chico is from Boyaca 2782metres altitude,but that wont be problem for Dep Cali because they are from Cali (1005 metres altitude).

Dep Cali came in Boyaca with alternative squad because they have very important league match in saturday.
Dep Cali: Menses(2nd gk 0/0);Mera(df 7/0),Ceballos(df 6/0),Iglesias(df 8/0),Calderon(df 0/0),Quinoses(df 0/0);Cabezas(mf 0/0),Giraldo(mf 1/0),Murillo(att 1/0),Nazarit(att 22/6 ,2nd scorer) y Biacsizaky(att 19/3).

many important players wont play for Dep Cali so Chico is big favourite,fair odds 1.50

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