Sunday, August 12, 2012

sunday night infos (south america)

Colombia Liga Postobon
Chico - Nacional ,Chico +0ah

Chico today with full squad only missing is best player Castro(mf 24/9 top scorer) ... but away team have bigger problems!
Nacional today will miss many important players out are: first gk Pezzuti(gk 15/0),Murillo(df 11/2),Uribe(att 2/1),Hurtado(mf 12/2) and best player Mosquera(mf 14/5 top scorer) ...
Nacional posible formación: Cristian Bonilla; Elkin Calle, Stefan Medina, Alexis Henríquez, Farid Díaz; Alexander Mejía; Macnelly Torres, Jherson Córdoba, Félix Micolta, John Fredy Pajoy; y Jefferson Duque.
Emergentes: Cristian Vargas, Francisco Nájera, Wilder Guisao, Sebastián Pérez y Juan David Valencia.
D.T: Juan Carlos Osorio

Dep.Cali - Real Cartagena
Cartagena start very bad this season.
Real Cartagena:Breiner Castillo(3rd gk 2/0); Hayder Palacios (Julián Pachón), Gilberto Velásquez, Matías Marchesini (Pedro Tavima), Campo Elías Santa Cruz; Cristian Ojeda, Osneider Álvarez, Angelo Rodríguez(att 16/5 top scorer), José Nájera, César Arias(mf 19/4); y Digno Javier González.

 Palacios(df 19/0),Marchesin(df 2/0) ,Sierra and Castillo(mf 14/2) are doubtufl.

Ecuador Serie A
Emelec - Barcelona SC

derby match read some info and view line ups here.
Figueroa(att 16/6),Gaibor(mf 23/5),first gk Dreer(15/0),Achilier(df 23/3) y Valenica(att 23/7) are out for Emelec.

Venezuela Primera Division
Caracas - Zamora

Zamora couldnt work good on trainigs because lot of rain and some of players get flu but all are fit and ready for tonight match, Torres(att 33/10 ,2nd scorer) and Yanes(att 25/13top scorer) are back in squad after some little injuries! today they want all 3 points! young Luis Teran will be on goal in tonight match,17 years old gk impress many people with his great saves so he will start tonight match.
Zamora FC: Luis Terán; Zafra, Hugo Soto, Jonathan España, Dollbys Rodríguez; Oscar Noriega, Luis Vargas, Gabriel Torres, Víctor Pérez; Luis Rentería, Luis Yanes. (4-4-2) DT Noel San Vicente

Zulia - Atl.Venezuela

like i can see Atl.Venezuela with very weak squad
they have very young team + tonight without top scorer and first gk.
source: liderendeportes

Mexico Primera Division
Puebla - Cruz Azul

Puebla's coach will be sacked if he lost this game so he will be under pressure but Cruz Azul miss some important players so Puebla can do something here!
Cruz Azul is favourite here but they miss 7 regular players!! out are injured: Pereira(df 0/0),Dominguez(df 3/0),Torrado(mf 3/0) and Gimenez(mf 1/0) ,while first gk Corona,Araujo and Aquino are with national team.
all this players are very important in team so i think Puebla can do something here.

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