Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Thursday 01/08 bet

Poland » Polish Cup »
Limanovia - Piast 2 @1.60(bwin)
big quality diference
Limanovia was 3rd in 3rd division,they are team with many young talented players!
Piast promote in Ekstraklasa(strongest polish league) last season.Quality and experience is on their side,today they will play with strongest squad! ,, (Marcin Brosz will put the strongest squad)''

Lubonski - GKS Katowice 2 @2.20 (bwin)
Lubonski?? first time i hear for this team.cant find any info for them , - no league matches = probably amateur team ...
GKS Katowice is well known team,playing in I Liga (2nd strongest polish league) ,they are mixture team of experienced players like  Beliančin,Gierczak,Chwalibogowski,Kowalczyk and young tallented players
quality on away side.

Legnica - Dolcan Zabki 2 @ 2.80(bwin)
if i understand good Legnica will play with youngsters becuase they have important game for 3 days in I Liga vs Bogdanka Leczna (04/01/2012)
link -

Gornik Walbrzych - Sandecja 2 @ ...
Gornik is not so interested for cup,quality is on Sandecja's side
its not Gornik who is playing in Ekstraklasa this is Gornik Walbrych weak,amateur team from II Liga ... cant find some great info but i find this; - best striker Orlowski(att 13/4 top scorer) left Gornik Walbrzych and go in Chojnizanka!
Sandecja going with strongest squad on this game
Osiemnastka meczowa:Marcin Cabaj, Paweł Zwoliński, Peter Petran, Yuriy Zinyak, Filip Burkhardt, Piotr Kosiorowski, Marcin Kowalski, Mateusz Kowalski, Wojciech Mróz, Kamil Szymura, Paweł Leśniak, Sebastian Szczepański, Bartosz Szeliga, Marcin Makuch, Wojciech Wilczyński, Mateusz Młynarczyk, Arkadiusz Aleksander, Bartosz Wiśniewski
Match the Polish Cup competition very seriously, I hope that the move to the next phase. (from official Sandecja team site)
the most important is that Aleksander(att 32/17) stay in Sandecja!!!

Sweden » Division 2 - Norrland »
Umedalen - Mariehem

interesting h2h

FT 1-0 ,odds 8.00 =)

Portugal Cup »
Naval - Covilha 1 @1.60

quality on home side
last season Naval finish on 4th position ,while Covilha finish on 15th position (2nd worst on table) they should relegate.
Naval sign some good and quality players and this season their "goal" is promoting in 1st league!
Covilha left many players!!  players who left Covilha: first gk Santos(21/0),Gege(df 22/2),young tallent Coelho(df 28/1),Zezinho(df 19/0),key defender Neves(df 29/0),Anibal(df22/0),key midifler Fofana(mf 28/4 second scorer),Ribeiro(mf 18/0),Souza(mf 17/1),Idris(att 17/1),key midifler Reinold(mf 24/2) and best player Gabi(mf 30/5 top scorer) ...
now Covilha is much weaker than before
expect easy home win

Arouca - Atletico CP
Arouca last season finish on 13th place,while Atletico was 14th with 3 points more than Arouca.
Atletico CP is weaker than last season because many important players leave club!
players who left Atletico: first gk Patterson(29/0),key defender Bastos(df 24/0),Meira(df 9/0),best defender Silva(df 28/0),Dasse(df22/0),Resende(mf 9/0),Zezinho(mf 23/0),Abreu(att 7/0),Pineta(mf 27/3),Fereira(mf 16/1),Mario(mf 9/0),best midifler Laurindo(mf 26/4 second scorer),Vaz(att 14/0),Matias(att 9/1) and best striker Caeiro(att 26/7 top scorer)

Slovenia Liga 1
Aluminij - Koper

both teams stll without scored goal!

(later infos for CL)

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